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Donate Leftover Foreign Coins And Banknotes And Help Our School

At Collingwood Primary School we are very proud and very lucky to have such a fantastic PTA.  This group, made up from parents, carers, grandparents and teachers works so hard throughout the year to arrange social events and fundraising events for children, parents and friends of the school.

Friends of Collingwood is a very active parent and teacher association and we are always looking for new ways of raising funds. This is the reason we have teamed up with leading UK coin exchange service Cash4Coins.  Cash4Coins accepts coins and banknotes that would otherwise be sitting gathering dust in our drawers, jars and wallets. If you have been on a foreign holiday recently or you simply have lots of loose change or old coins sitting around, we could really make use of it.

How Your Old Leftover And Unwanted Coins Can Help Collingwood Primary

Unfortunately, the banks will not change up old coins or notes of a low denomination, but Cash4Coins will!  A foreign coin donation could be a very worthwhile fundraising activity for us and what’s more, you can donate whenever you like throughout the year. The money will be sorted and counted by the helpful team at Cash4Coins and the money deposited into our bank account to use as we wish.  Why not club together with other parents, friends or members of your family to see how much you could donate to our worthwhile cause.

Donating Couldn’t Be Easier – There Are Two Convenient Ways To Send Us Your Money

1. Send your coins direct to Cash4Coins

Remember, you don’t need to count or sort any coins or notes that you have and it makes no difference what currency you have to send us.  You can send your coins easily to Cash4Coins. Just make sure you download, print and enclose our currency donation form form so that Cash4Coins knows who to send the exchanged currency to.  That’s it!  It really couldn’t be easier.

2. Bring your coins direct to the school

You can also drop your coins into our school office. Just collect together what you have and we will be happy to take these for you.  We will then send them to Cash4Coins to exchange for us.  Our address is:  School reception, Collingwood Primary School, Collingwood Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, CM3 5YJ

What coins and notes can be exchanged?

All foreign coins and notes
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre Euro currency
Spare change

Need more information about exchanging foreign currency?  Check out the Cash4Coins homepage.

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