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How Your Unwanted Foreign Coins Could Help Friends Of North Kigezi Diocese

If you have any leftover foreign or British currency sitting around at home, Friends Of North Kigezi Diocese could make good use of any coins or notes you can spare. We work in rural areas of South Western Uganda bringing help, hope and love to orphans and needy families. We work hard to improve the quality of life and future of many children and families across the region and we cannot carry out this work without the donations of our generous supporters.

Your leftover currency could really make a difference. Here are just some of the projects we are currently involved in:

  • Rainwater harvesting to bring safe water to villages
  • Installation and management of corn and rice mills in four rural locations
  • Individual sponsorship programmes to pay fees for children in secondary education
  • A ‘Sponsored To Live’ programme that reaches out to younger village children living in poor housing without water, sanitation or sustainable homes

What can be donated?

No matter what the currency, age or denomination or whether you have notes or coins, we can make use of it. We have teamed up with leading currency exchange specialist Cash4Coins so that we can generate more donations for our charity and complete more essential work.

You can donate any of the following items:

All foreign coins and banknotes
Old British and Irish currency
Pre-decimal coins and notes
Pre-euro currency
Spare change

How to make a donation

There are a number of ways to make a donation:

1. Post your unwanted currency directly to Friends Of North Kigezi Diocese (address below)

Revd Canon Ken Berkin


Friends of North Kigezi Diocese

57, High Ridge




CT21 5TF

2. Post your coins and notes directly to Cash4Coins. If you choose this option please be sure to download and enclose the currency form (download here) so Cash4Coins can allocate the currency to our charity.

We would be very grateful for any spare coins or notes that you can spare. These could be hanging around in drawers or jars at home or in the pockets of bags, jackets or travel wallets you haven’t used in a while. Every little really does help and could make such a difference.

For more information about Cash4Coins and the foreign currency exchange services they provide, visit their website.



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