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Help Glyn School by donating your foreign coins and notes

You can help support the great work at Glyn School by donating any unwanted foreign coins and notes. UK banks won’t exchange foreign coins and low denomination notes, so for the most part you’re stuck with them. Instead of letting them go to waste, donate them to help Glyn School.  You can donate ANY foreign bank notes and coins, as well as old british and Irish coins and even spare change. So dig out that left over currency today and donate to the school.

What can I donate to the school?

Here’s what you can donate…

ALL foreign coins and banknotes
Old British and Irish coins
Any spare UK change
Pre-Euro coins and notes


How do I make a donation?

There are two super-easy ways to donate:

1. Take your coins and notes directly to Glyn School student reception

Glyn School, The Kingsway, Ewell. Surrey KT17 1NB

Contact for donation enquiries: Glyn PSA

Email for donation enquiries:

2. Send your leftover currency and banknotes directly to Cash4Coins – when sending your coins directly please make sure you download and complete the Glyn School currency form and include it with your donation. You can download the form here.

For more information on how we help schools with foreign coin and note collections please click here.


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