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Hospice UK Currency Collection

Thank you for collecting currency on behalf of Hospice UK, your support is vital for this charity.

Everything you need to send the currency is here along with a short video on packaging instructions at the bottom of this page.

You will only need to know the weight of the package.

A minimum weight of 2kg can be sent via this process and ideally 5-10kg as above 5kg is free postage for the charity. Above 10kg contact us for a reinforced box and the courier will collect directly from you.

Quick overview of how to send currency

1. Firstly, watch the short video on packaging instructions to see how to securely package the currency for 10kg or less.

Watch Video

2. Please select your branch from the drop down menu.

3. Edit your contact details if they have changed.

4. Tick the box for 2-5kg or 5-10kg or OVER 10kg and enter the weight.

I have over 10kg of coins
I have between 5kg and 10kg of coins
I have between 2kg to 5kg

5. Please confirm your details are complete

Submit Details

6. What Happens Next?

If your parcel is over 10kg we will send you a reinforced box with all packaging and instructions. A box can take 5-7 days to arrive. Once you have this box ready, enter your preferred collection date in this record and we will email the courier label to you for direct collection. Print the label and attach to the box.

If your parcel is 10kg or less you will receive an email with a courier label attached. Print and firmly attach to the parcel.

NEED HELP?: If you have any questions please email or telephone 0161 635 0000
How to package your currency

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