Simple steps to exchange foreign coins


A simple way to exchange foreign coins for ready cash

If you’ve ever taken a foreign holiday or business trip, chances are you have at least a handful of foreign coins lying about at home or in the office. In fact, according to British Airways, as a nation we have more than £30m worth of these coins in jars, drawers and safes at any given time.

You probably already know that banks and bureaux de change won’t accept these coins because they don’t carry enough value in small quantities. So most people just hang on to them waiting to spend them when they next go travelling.

If they remember to take them, of course…

But what if there was a simple and user-friendly way to exchange your foreign coins? A service that offers a good rate and pays quickly? Well, there is!

Fast and friendly foreign coin exchange with unbeatable rates

When the time comes to exchange foreign coins, you’re looking for a hassle-free service, and a great exchange rate. You’re also looking for quick payment, right?

One of the reasons Cash 4 Coins is the UK’s preferred provider for foreign coin exchange is that our service is built around our customers’ needs. In other words, it’s all about you.

You only have to spend a couple of minutes browsing through our customer comments and testimonials to see that we’re serious about holding on to our great reputation.

Here are some of the reasons customers like you stay loyal from their first encounter:

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, or we’ll return your coins at our own expense
Get paid in just 2 hours from acceptance of our offer
The best exchange rates in the UK – guaranteed
Friendly and transparent service
Knowledgeable and helpful staff
Free collection or drop-off for certain quantities


If you’ve never used our service before, it couldn’t be easier. You simply send us your coins, we sort and count them, then we pay you!

And if you have any questions along the way, we’re always on hand to answer them, and we always reply to emails and phone calls promptly.

Send your coins to us now

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  1. Ernest Lundy says:

    Hello. Do you accept from USA customers? I will be in London September 3-8 so I could drop-off, but what about payment?
    Thank you!

  2. Vince Barborka says:

    Wife and I have accumulated numerous coins and notes from around the world over the last 20 years. Not able to identify all the coins, but there are probably 15 different currencies, and our guesses on value is only about $150, U.S. Wanted to know if the amount is too small for your services, and how is money paid upon valuation/offer?
    Thanks very much,

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