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Donate foreign coins to help John Eastwood Hospice Trust

John Eastwood Hospice Trust delivers palliative care services and helps to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families. You can make a real difference to the fantastic work that the hospice does by supporting them in their foreign coin collection. They are looking for any foreign coins and notes, that includes everything from Euros to Yen and old 50 pence coins to farthings. In fact any foreign coins and notes – we even accept old british and Irish coins.

And because UK banks don’t exchange foreign coins and low denomination notes they are virtually useless. So don’t let them go to waste – donate them to John Eastwood Hospice Trust today!

What can I donate?

ALL foreign coins and notes
All European Union coins and notes
All pre-Euro currency
Spare UK change
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre decimal coins and notes


How do I donate?

Donating is easy! There are two ways to donate your coins.

1. Take or post your foreign coins and notes to John Eastwood Hospice Trust.

Contact for donation enquiries: Yvonne Shucksmith

Email for donation enquiries:

Telephone for enquires: 01623 622626


Mansfield Road



NG17 4HJ

2. You can also send your coins directly to Cash4Coins who are collecting coins and notes on behalf of the hospice. If you decide to send the coins directly to Cash4Coins then please complete and include the John Eastwood Hospice Trust currency form. Please download the form here.

For more general information on our foreign coin and note services please click here.


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