Donate Old Currency To Kids Inspire

Help Kids Inspire By Donating all Old Currency, Pre-Decimal Currency and Leftover Foreign Coin And Banknotes.

Kids Inspire support children and young people recovering from traumatic experiences or dealing with emerging mental health difficulties – this charitable service fills an emotional support gap across Essex.

With each child Kids Inspire meet they look and listen to how their past affects their present, reviewing closely the whole system revolving around them – school, family, peers. Alongside, they also look at negative childhood experiences to make their practice trauma informed, addressing the cause rather than the symptoms.

Specialising in overcoming childhood trauma, early on in their 12-year foundation, trained clinicians recognised that working closely with the ‘family unit’ provided the best long-term sustainable outcome for the child at the centre, also understanding that ‘one size’ of therapy does not fit all.

However, this bespoke specialist work is only possible thanks to the generosity of supporters of the charity. Through single and regular donations from members of the public and fundraising events they are able to continue ‘filling the youth mental health support gap’ in Essex. Foreign Change collections form a part of the monthly fundraising target, all contributions really do make a positive difference to young people in Essex.

Emily Patel, Communications & Marketing Officer, Kids Inspire

“Collecting foreign change is an opportunity to fundraise, but importantly it helps us to raise awareness about Kids Inspire within a number of communities. Last year in excess of £9,000 was raised through the donations of  foreign currency. We are always so grateful to all our supporters for thinking of us and donating their unwanted foreign change and old useless currency.” 

The Coins And Notes You Can Donate

All foreign coins and notes
All old British and Irish coins and notes
Any spare change
All pre-Euro currencies


Ways To Donate Old Curency – It’s So Easy!  

We really want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a donation to this amazing charity. That is why we have made it possible for all donations to be taken to any of the donation points shown on the map below.


Just take all currency you wish to donate and drop it off at any of the locations that accept. Each location has a donation box for you to drop in your currency. You don’t even need to sort or count your coins as we will do all that for the charity.

You can also start your own collection for Kids Inspire. Simply contact and they will be delighted to send free leaflets, posters and collection buckets to ensure your collection is a huge success.

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