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Donate your leftover currency to help the Orangutan Protection Foundation

The Orangutan population is facing extinction because their rainforest environment is being decimated.

You can help save the Orangutan by donating your unwanted and leftover foreign coins and notes as well as old British and Irish coins as well as any spare change.

Bank won’t exchange foreign coins and low denomination bank notes which means you’re stuck with them just going to waste. So instead of just chucking them in the change jar donate them to the Orangutan Protection Foundation today.

What can be donated?

You can donate ANY coins and notes, including:

ALL foreign coin and banknotes
Old British and Irish coins
Pre-Euro currency
Pre-decimal coins and notes
Spare change


How do I donate?

There are two easy ways to donate your leftover currency:

1. Send or take your coins to the Orangutan Protection Foundation offices:

Orangutan Protection Foundation

Angel House (2nd Floor)

225 Marsh Wall

Canary Wharf


E14 9FW

Contact for donation enquiries: Dr Grainne McEntee

Email for donation enquiries: grainne@orangutan-protection.org

Donation, orangutan adoption and general enquiries within the UK: 08456 521 528

From outside the UK: +44 20 7531 1042

2. Send your leftover foreign coins and banknotes to Cash4Coins.

We are working in partnership with OPF to collect foreign coins and banknotes on behalf of the charity. We count and sort the currency and send 100% of the payment to the Orangutan Protection Foundation. If you’d like to send your currency directly to us then please ensure that you download and complete the OPF currency donation form and enclose with your donation.

You can easily boost your donation by asking friends, colleagues and neighbours to look for their unwanted currency too!

For more general information on how to exchange foreign coins and banknotes then please go to our homepage.



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