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The Samaritans

Donate old currency, old useless leftover foreign coins and notes today!

Samaritans is a charity dedicated to helping reduce feelings of isolation and disconnection that can at times lead to suicide. The charity has been operating for over 60 years and are always there for anyone who needs someone.  Every year over 5 million calls are taken from people who need help. Samaritans are open 365 days a year with over 20,000 volunteers who give their time to be there for anyone struggling to cope.

  • £5 answers a call for help
  • £46 helps provide a volunteer with on-going training
  • £200 recruits and trains a new volunteer

You can help Samaritans raise much needed funds  to keep running just by donating old currency that’s no longer legal tender, pre-decimal currency and all leftover foreign coins and notes. Donating old Irish currency and pre Euro-currency is also accepted. Whatever non-legal currency you may have can all be donated to Samaritans.  There are over 169 million old £1 coins yet to be returned to the Royal Mint.

Foreign coins and banknotes and low denomination banknotes and coins can’t be changed at banks in the UK, so for many people these go to waste. So why not donate them to a fantastic cause today.

Don’t forget, by donating unwanted foreign coins and notes you’re helping raise the much-needed funds that allow Samaritans to continue their great work in communities right across the UK and Ireland.  Thank you

How to donate…

1. Take your coins and notes to John Lewis, Leeds

It is easy to donate to this great charity. Simply hand in your leftover foreign currency directly to the Travel Bureau located in John Lewis Leeds, Victoria Gate, Harewood Street, Leeds, LS2 7AR

What can I donate?

Donating is very easy. On behalf of The Samaritans charity we accept ANY foreign coins and notes AND any old British and Irish coins and notes. All of the following is accepted:

All foreign coins and notes – from any country
All pre-Euro coins and notes
All pre-Euro banknotes
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
All pre-decimal coins
Commemorative coins
Damaged and garbled coins
Bulk mixed foreign coins


Is there currency that you don’t accept?

We accept ALL old coins and notes. However, some can only be exchanged at a nominal or scrap value. The good news is that we do all the sorting and counting and list all items. So please donate everything.

If you’d like any additional information on how we exchange foreign coins and banknotes for charity please click here.


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