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Help Simon Balle School With Your Foreign Coin Donations

Would you like to make a difference to the facilities and resources we have available for our students and throughout our school? At Simon Balle School we believe that everyone is special and can contribute to life in our community in so many ways. We regularly rely on the generous donations of our supporters which is why we have teamed up with Cash4Coins as a great way to raise funds. We would be extremely grateful for any donations you can make no matter how large or how small.

This particular fundraising activity involves the collection of unwanted and unused foreign coins and banknotes and we hope it will be a scheme we can continue to promote and benefit from.

What currency can be exchanged?

All of your foreign coins and banknotes
Old Irish and British notes and coins
Any pre-Euro currency
Any spare change no matter what the denomination


How does it work?

It’s so simple to donate your unwanted or unused coins and Cash4Coins can even count and sort your coins for you.  No matter how many coins or notes you have, we will always be very grateful of your donation to the school. We urge you to check in drawers, in old travel wallets and anywhere else you may have squirrelled away coins and notes after a holiday or for safe keeping. If you have no use for these coins or they are no longer legal tender, we would be delighted to make use of them.

You can bring these donations to the school or donate to the school through Cash4Coins directly by using our currency form which can be downloaded here.  It is important that you enclose this form with your donation so that the money is sent to our school account. 

Direct to the school: Either post or take your donations to:

School Office

Simon Balle School

Mangrove Road



SG13 8AJ

Contact for donation enquiries: Adrian Lawson,

Email for donation enquiries:

For more information on collecting foreign currency for charity then see our home page.

Send your coins to us now

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