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How You Can Help Spinal Research By Donating Your Foreign Coins

Spinal Research is the UK’s leading and most influential spinal cord repair charity. We set the standard for spinal cord research across the world and are at the forefront of developing strategies for repair.

We wouldn’t be able to continue our ground breaking research and studies without the generous donations received from our many generous supporters. We would be so grateful for any donations of foreign coins you can make to our charity and it couldn’t be easier to donate through Cash4Coins.

I want to donate. What can I exchange?

Cash4Coins makes it so easy to arrange a donation of any unwanted or unused foreign coins you may have at home. Even if the coins or notes are no longer legal tender, we can still make use of them.

All foreign coins and notes
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre Euro currency
Spare change


How Can I Donate To Spinal Research?

It really couldn’t be easier to donate your foreign coins and banknotes and we would be delighted to receive any donations you can spare. Why not get together with friends, colleagues or neighbours to see how many coins and notes you can drum up between you. It’s for a worthwhile cause and you’ll also be decluttering those drawers, wallets and purses at the same time!

You can donate directly to us using the address below or you can send your donation to Cash4Coins if that is easier. Simply download and print our personalised currency form and enclose it with your donation. This is very important otherwise Cash4Coins will not know where to send your money. 

Direct to the school: Either post or take your donations to:

Spinal Research,

Bramley Business Centre,

Station Road,





Contact for donation enquiries: Yasmin

Email for donatin enquiries: Yasmin@spinal-research.org

Tel:  01483 89 87 86

For more information on collecting foreign currency for charity then see our home page.

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