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St Bernadettes RC Primary School

Please give your unwanted foreign coins and notes to help the school.

You can help St. Bernadette’s RC Primary School today by donating your leftover foreign coins and notes as well as old British and Irish coins. In fact you can donate almost any type of current or old coins and banknotes. Even pre-Euro and pre-decimal currency. Every donation, no matter how small will go to a great cause and help the school.

You may not know it but you can’t change foreign coins at any UK bank. This is because they are costly for the banks to count, sort and ship. So this means that unless you remember to take your old coins abroad again they’ll probably just go to waste. In addition, many low value banknotes can’t be exchanged so these can also simply be scrap unless you use them again. So instead of them just sitting there do something fab with them and donate them to St. Bernadette’s. It’s easy and simple – here’s how…

Two easy ways to donate your unwanted foreign coins and notes

 1. Take your leftover currency directly to the school.

Please print and attach the currency form (Download it by clicking here) and enclose with your currency

The school address for currency is:

c/o Mrs J French
St Bernadette’s RC Primary School
Preston Road,
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 900992

2. Send your old foreign currency for St. Bernadette’s directly to Cash4Coins

If you’d like to send your coins then please make sure that you download the St. Bernadette’s currency form and enclose with your coins and notes. You can download the form here.

Once we have received your old foreign coins and notes we will make the donation directly to the school. We provide a receipt of payment for your records. What’s a good idea is to get together with colleagues, friends and family and collect all their foreign coins and notes to donate.

What can be donated?

Donating is simple. On behalf of the school we accept ANY foreign coins and notes AND any old British and Irish coins and notes. We even accept any spare UK change you may want to give.

All foreign coins and notes – from any country
All pre-Euro coins and notes
All pre-Euro banknotes
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
Current UK currency and spare change
All pre-decimal coins
Commemorative coins
Damaged and garbled coins
Bulk mixed foreign coins

 Is there currency that you don’t accept?

We accept ALL old coins and notes. However, some can only be exchanged at a nominal or scrap value. The good news is that we do all the sorting and counting and list all items. So please send everything in.

More general information on our foreign coin and note exchange service on our home page.


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