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How to donate foreign coins and help St Margarets School…

You can even donate your old British, Irish and pre-decimal coins!

Foreign coins and notes from holidays abroad and business trips may be sat in the junk drawer, down the back of the sofa or in your change jar.. don’t let them go to waste – instead donate them to St Margarets Primary school. This leftover foreign currency can’t be changed at banks, so for many people like you they just sit there, never to be used again.

Well, now you can put them to great use by donating your foreign coins and notes (as well as old British and Irish coins) to St Margarets Primary school in Sussex. The school does a fantastic job and we want to help them continue delivering a caring and great education by helping them convert foreign coins into cash. We are working in partnership with the school to help them raise much needed funds.

Please download the St Margarets C of E Primary Schools donation form to include with your coins.

What can I donate?

All foreign coins
All foreign notes
Pre-Euro coins and notes
Old British coins
Old Irish coins
Pre-decimal coins and notes
Bulk mixed foreign coins
Damaged coins


Are there currencies that you don’t accept?

The good news is that we accept all currencies, some can only be exchanged for nominal or scrap value but don’t worry, we’ll sort all the coins and notes and provide a full breakdown.

How to donate

Drop your foreign coins into the school

The easiest way to donate your unwanted foreign coins to St Margaret’s school is to drop them into the school office. Please download the St Margarets School Donation Form and enclose with your coins and don’t forget to sign the gift aid declaration.

The school address is:

St. Margaret’s C. E. Primary School,
Arundel Road,
West Sussex,
BN16 4LP.

Telephone: 01903 785416.

For more general information on our foreign coin and note exchange service please click here.


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