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Donate Your Leftover Currency To St Peter’s Catholic School

Welcome to the currency donation page for St Peter’s Catholic School.  We have teamed up with Cash4Coins to collect leftover foreign coins and notes that can be exchanged for Sterling. These donations will greatly help us to provide the resources and equipment that is much needed to help our wonderful school and pupils to thrive.

St Peter’s offers a friendly, stimulating and welcoming learning environment with a great sense of purpose. We are committed to giving the best start in life to each and every pupil regardless of their ability and we are proud to say that many of our students go on to achieve outstanding ‘A’ level grades and go on to continue their education in some of the top universities across the UK.

How You Can Help Us With Your Leftover Foreign Currency

Instead of allowing those leftover coins and notes from your foreign holiday gather dust, why not collect them all together and let us make use of them?  Cash4Coins has made it so easy for us to collect donations in this way and they will even count and sort the coins for us before exchanging them for money that we can use in any part of our school on anything we need.  Funds might be used to put towards new books, new play equipment or a school event.  We would be very grateful for any donation you can spare.

What to donate

Whether you have Euros, Us Dollars or South African Rand, Cash4Coins can exchange this money for us. You can even donate old British and Irish coins if you still have some.  It only takes a moment to collect together your old coins and we would be so grateful for any donations you can spare.

All foreign coins and banknotes
Old British and Irish currency
Pre-decimal coins and notes
Pre-euro currency
Spare change


How To Donate Your Coins And Notes To Our School

You can donate your coins in two different ways and we welcome both.

1. Post your unwanted currency directly to the school (address below)

2. Drop your currency to the school office (address below)

St Peter’s Catholic School,
Horseshoe Lane East,

Contact for donation enquiries: Mrs Tania Cantoni
Email for donation enquiries:
TEL: 01483 557578

3. You can also post your coins and notes to the lovely team at Cash4Coins. They will be delighted to count and sort these coins and will deposit the exchanged Sterling directly into our nominated account. If you do choose to send your donation in this way please download and print our currency donation form so that Cash4Coins knows where to send your donation.

If you would like any further information about Cash4Coins, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0161 635 0000 or visit our how to send us foreign coins page.


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