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Donate your leftover foreign coins and notes to help…

Did you know that low denomination notes and all foreign coins can’t be exchanged by UK banks. So, for many people this leftover currency just goes to waste. However, you can donate your unwanted foreign coins and notes to help Thomas’s Day School raise much needed funds.

We can accept any foreign coins and notes as well as old British and Irish coins. We’ll even accept any small change that you want to donate.

What can be donated?

All foreign coins
All foreign bank notes
All pre Euro currency
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
Spare change


How to donate my foreign coins and notes?

It’s really simple to donate your foreign coins and notes – just take them along to the school and hand them into the school reception. If you wish to gift aid your currency donation please download the form here and return with your currency to the school

Drop your coins to:

School Reception

Thomas’s Day School

Hugon Road,

London SW6 3ES

Donating foreign coins is a great way to help your favourite cause. Please dig into that change jar and old junk drawer to find your old foreign coins and donate today.

For general information on our foreign coin and note exchange service click here

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