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How To Change Spanish Pesetas For Sterling

Posted on: January 7th, 2014 by c4c-admin-account No Comments

Since the euro replaced the peseta in 2002, we have seen a huge amount of Spanish pesetas being sent to us here at Cash4Coins. If you have a large stash of Spanish currency at home doing nothing, did you know we can put that money to good use for you?

At Cash4Coins we offer a foreign coin exchange service like no other and we deal in any currency regardless of its type. We can even exchange old British coins if you have any that are no longer legal tender.  Over the years, we have helped schools, colleges, businesses, charities and domestic customers to get a great price for their unwanted currency.

Whether you need money for your organisation or you are just looking for a little rainy day money, why not send in your Spanish pesetas so that we can give you a good valuation?  If you are not happy with our valuation, we will simply send back your coins.

We Will Even Sort And Count Your Spanish Pesetas For You

If you have a large amount of Spanish pesetas you can send them in on their own or mixed in with other foreign currency. We do the hard work for you by sorting and counting your coins. Once this is done we will send you our valuation. You don’t have to accept our valuation but if you do we will have your money deposited to you in no time. You can choose to have money sent to your own bank account, your PayPal account or a nominated charity of your choice.

And talking of charities, many charities have approached us for help with fund raising and we are always more than happy to assist. Why not start a foreign coin donation campaign as most people have foreign coins at home – remember, we exchange all types of foreign coin and not just Spanish pesetas.

New Year Means Decluttering – How Much Foreign Currency Will You Find?

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to declutter the house, you might be surprised when you find an old collection of Spanish pesetas or another foreign currency. We are all in a bit of a post-holiday daze when we return from a foreign land and this can mean old coins simply get put into a jar or left in a drawer. No matter how many coins you find or what the currency, we would be delighted to help you turn them into cold hard cash that you can get your hands on in a matter of days.

Send Us Your Foreign Coins – It’s Easy Money!

It’s never been easier or quicker to make a bit of money when you use Cash4Coins. Once we receive your coins we will be in touch very quickly to tell you how much your coins are worth. Think what you could do with your money – a night out, some new clothes or even enough for another holiday!  Take a look around your home now for those lurking Spanish pesetas and other foreign currency. You could be sitting on a little goldmine.