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5 Things You Need To Know About the New £1 Coin and £5 Note

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How to Prepare for the Arrival of the New £1 Coin

As you may well know, the Royal Mint is giving UK currency a slight makeover this year with the introduction of the new 12-sided one pound coin and the plastic five pound note. With the benefits of the new coin being more secure as it is not as easily counterfeited as the previous one, will it still set out to cause issues for businesses and us at home around the UK? Here are 5 things you need to know about our new currency…

Change your Piggy Banks

So, when does this new money drop into our system? Well, the five-pound notes are already here and the filtering of the old notes is slowly but surely taking place. The new one-pound coin, however, will be introduced this March (2017). Whilst it is usually a slow process of elimination over the course of a year or longer, this coin will not be taking its time to become the only one with the old coins being defunct by October 2017. The new plastic five-pound notes are said to be taken out of circulation as of May 2017. If you are a saver, then you are advised to take your change jars and piggy banks to your bank and get your pound coins and notes swapped over as soon as possible because by the end of the year, both of these forms of currency will cease to be legal tender.

What Does the New Coin Look Like?

The new one pound coin is much light in weight in comparison to our current one pound coin. It has 12 sides and has a silver center with a gold outer ring, very similar to our current two-pound coins. Bold new designs will be featured on the newest coins that include an emblem from each country in the United Kingdom. From the UK come’s a rose, a shamrock from Northern Ireland, a Scottish thistle and a Welsh leek.

Features of the New 5 Note

If you are a resident of the UK then you will already know the features of the new five-pound note. However, if you are note familiar, the new five-pound note has changed in material from its usual paper form to plastic. Instead of the image of George Stephenson (the founder of the first railway) it now features an image of Winston Churchill on the front and Jane Austin on the back. Other features include extremely fine details such as clear windows displaying a portrait of the queen, small metal strips across the note and an ultraviolet feature that displays the number 5 in bright red and green when ultraviolet lights are shone on it.

Security Features

The reason for the newest coins release is said to be due to such high volumes of counterfeit with the simple round one-pound coins that are currently in circulation. The latest coin features such as the 12 sides are much harder to counterfeit, but not only that, every other edge of the coin has been fitted with ridges. One of the most clever characteristics of this coin is the latent image on the front that changes from an image of the ‘£’ symbol to a ‘1’ depending on which angle you look at it. There is also a high security feature inside the coin, which stops it being counterfeited so easily. 

How will it affect business?

The main way that this will affect business are those that have machinery that only take £1. From vending machines to locker rooms at spas and gyms, all of these pieces of machinery that take the one pound coin for security will have to be reprogramed and/or altered to suit the new shape and design. However, businesses such as supermarket giants have already claimed that the designs of their trolley lock systems will be altered to suit the arrival of the new shape coin.
So, now that you are fully ‘in-the-know’ in regards to the arrival of the new one-pound coin and five-pound note, it is time to start thinking of getting them exchanged. If you have any questions or queries and would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us today.



The Real Wolves of Wall Street

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Wolfing Around

Chaotic, greedy and scandalous: just three words that you could use to describe New York’s Wall Street in the 80’s. Glamourised by films such as ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, the lifestyle that was created by stock brokers (a job that sounds about as exciting as unbuttered toast) became one of the most sort after jobs in the financial industry. So what was it that catapulted these men and women into such lucrative existences?

High Risk High Reward

The attraction to this job, aside from the lifestyle that accompanied successful traders, was the high risk and high reward adrenalin rush. Aside from the excitement of dealing with sometimes-illegal job transactions, managing risks with the potential for a very high payout pushed people to reject their morals and take a leap of faith on a daily basis.

The 80’s Revolution

Okay, so it wasn’t QUITE a revolution, but the 80’s was a time of great changes – MTV was born, Back to the Future came to our screens and it became the end of an era with the death of The Beatles’ John Lennon. It was a decade that demonstrated a great transformation and decadence and that was established on the trading floor of New Yorks’ Wall Street with Gordon Gekko’s (of the 1987 hit film ‘Wall Street’) famous line ‘Greed… is good.’

The good, the bad and the downright greedy

That leads me perfectly on to my next point… Though Michael Douglas was an iconic in this film for the ruthless and intense, the Wall Street effect rippled through 1980’s New York in a wave of drug fuelled insatiability. Eventually, the lavish lifestyle and extravagant effect on people within this environment distorted people’s reality and moral grounding. One example of this is the detainment of Dennis B. Levine who was charged for obstructing justice amongst may things including making over 12 million dollars in his dealings with illegal trading of insider information. His greed left him in prison whilst his company Drexel Burnham Lambert, banking firm, eventually agreed to six felony charges and a $650 million pay out which led the company to bankruptcy.


Ignorance is bliss. And this case, it really is. The idea that these firms were in their own little bubble and didn’t affect their fellow American’s was disillusioned by the fact that most of the firms along Wall Street were private partnerships. Therefore, they could keep the scandals to themselves somewhat, whereas in today’s climate there are many more firms that are open to the public which open up access to a larger market. The idea that these traders and bankers could keep their money and information to themselves was a tall tale that they could tell themselves so not to believe they were affecting the ‘outside’ world.


It’s not all bad! Though most of the stories in 1980’s Wall Street illustrates how greed can lead anyone into a rabbit hole of both lavishness and an exorbitant amount of self-loathing and dissatisfaction, it also opened up New York to a new world of opportunities people to making such large investments lead to growth, jobs and productivity.

Whether you are living the lavish lifestyle or searching for shrapnel behind the sofa, we want to hear from you! Contact one of our experts today to hear about how you can convert your unwanted cash.

How Millionaires Spend Their Money

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What Ridiculous Things You Can Buy When You’ve Got Millions in the Bank

Have you ever wondered what outrageous things the incredibly rich do with their spare time (and cash)? What a coincidence… Us too! Wouldn’t it be nice to, not only get on with your day to day life whilst also being able to fund the lavish lifestyle most of us can only dream of? Envisage being so unimaginably wealthy that you could get hold of a private jet with a moments notice. Or perhaps walk into the world’s finest restaurants, only to be treated like royalty, seated at the most requested table, treat yourself and your guests to a five course meal (including caviar, obviously), 10 bottles of champagne AND still have change to spare? Well, some people do have that luxury. Here, we delve into some of the most ridiculous things that you can purchase if you had more money than sense…

  1. Luxury Ice Cubes

When doing some research on this topic, we found some completely insane things that people can actually spend their money on. The first thing that struck our eye was… Wait for it… Luxury ice cubes. Yes, you heard us correctly. For a cool $335 you can buy a bag of ‘perfectly square’ ice cubes in California for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”. No more watery gin and tonics for us!

  1. Cocktails

Have you ever been invited for a night out and been overly conscious about the price of the cocktails? Because let’s face it, a cocktail costing over £10 is just a little bit TOO much. Well, if you had the millions to do so, would you spend over ten thousand pounds on one? This is somewhere in the range of the price tag attached to a cocktail especially designed for Grace Jones at Gigi’s restaurant opening in London. Made with an extremely rare brandy and dollops of gold leaf, it is one of the most expensive cocktails in the world. Can we get one on the house?

  1. Puppy Bathtub

If you have a pet, you will probably know the feeling of true love. Many people regard their pets as family, and more often than not, we like to make sure our family has the best they can possibly get when it comes to their security and lifestyle. With that in mind, you can purchase for you pup, the bathtub created by Lori Garden with the teeny, tiny price tag of $39,000. Covered in 45,000 Swarovski diamonds, you can ensure your little prince or princess has the most luxurious of bath times every single day!

  1. Body Armour

Speaking of luxury and security for your darling pets, while your at it, why not treat your guinea pig to its very our body suit of armour. Yes, that’s right. Keep your pet guinea pig out of all kinds of trouble with this luxury piece of kit being auctioned for a solid $24,300.

  1. Hair Cut

Right, enough treating your pets, you need to think about yourself. Why not indulge yourself in a luxury trim. That can’t be too expensive, right? Wrong. The Sultan of Brunei once spent £15,000 on a haircut. He paid a London barber this and in addition made sure his barber was comfortable with his own cabin to perform the haircut. We know London prices are a bit wild but this just takes the mick.

  1. Dinner

Everyone deserves a meal out every so often. We may not want to cook; we may not want to clean, so we reside ourselves to a beer and burger out once in a while (we may even have dessert!). However, if you want that touch of je ne sais quoi, you may want to take yourself along to Sublimotion in Ibiza for a total cost per head at £1,250. It is a part of the Hard Rock hotel and only seats 12 people at a time for extra dining exclusivity. A place particularly popular with celebrities and wealthy holidaymakers alike. Where do we sign up?

  1. Gold Monopoly

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to go out. You simply want to stay at home and have a chilled night in with the loved ones, and what better way to spend a relaxing night in than cracking out some of the old board games hiding away in the back of the wardrobe? Well, of course we know you by now, and we know that you deserve only the best. What better way to feel like a millionaire building a house in Marylebone than using an 18-carat gold monopoly set to send your opponents to jail? For two million dollars, it can be all yours.

  1. Tequila, Tequila!

We think we need a drink to get rid of some of this angst with all the new expenses in our life! You can refresh yourself with a tasty bottle of Tequila Ley 925. It will only set you back $3.5m. Mmmm…

  1. Einstein

Okay, maybe we need to stop being so materialistic. Broaden our minds and our horizons. A hand written letter, written by Albert Einstein with his views on ethics and religion was sold at $3m at auction in 2012.

  1. Massage

I think its time we wound down from all of this madness with a massage. Why not head down to your local spa and ask for the Diamond Massage. This consists of crushing precious gemstones (1.5 carat diamonds to be precise) all over the body for special anti-aging, detoxifying effect to your skin. This ultimate pampering experience can be all yours for £100,000. How relaxing.

So there you have it, this is what your life could look like if you were loaded with bags of cash! Although it looks luxurious, we’re not so convinced of the lifestyle. I think we’ll stick to burger, chips and Netflix nights in! However, if you are lucky enough to have this kind of cash but no longer have any use for it, then we would love to help you shift it.




Help protect yourself against Fraud

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Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Imagine earning your monthly wage and gearing up to pay off some bills, maybe treating yourself to the latest gadget or even taking a well-deserved holiday and going into the bank or online to make the payment, only to learn that you have been stripped of your earnings. For many people, they do not have to imagine, as this is a reality all too familiar. Fortunately, in this day and age, we have the ability to see and control every penny of our earnings and are able to track where it is going without too much worry about the security of it all. However, with online shopping becoming one of the most popular ways for us to do our spending – especially on those larger transactions around holidays, such as Christmas and Birthday’s – we should not be so lax about those everyday transactions that we are making. There are many fantastic online payment services that guarantee great security, such as PayPal, but it is worth staying vigilant on the little signs that may signal dodgy doings from other sources that are trying to strip you of your hard-earned cash.


Many banks and building societies are very vocal about the steps they take to insure their customers do not have the opportunity to be taken advantage of; one of these steps is verification over emails. Banks such as Lloyds, HSBC and Nationwide will never ask you to verify important or confidential information over email, so if you ever receive an email that looks like it may be from your bank then, we suggest you don’t open it in the first place, however, if you do open it then do not respond. We advise you go to their website and call the official helpline immediately and tell them about the email, the likelihood is that they will tell you that it is a scam and help you deal with the email straight away.


There are many savvy ways for fraudsters to contact you in ways that make you feel safe. Many people have cottoned on to the bogus emails and online scams, however, nothing compares to speaking to a fellow human being on the phone but it is your responsibility to decipher whether they’re genuine or not. There are many clever ways for callers to disguise their real identity by either blocking the number or even making it appear with the bank name that you are associated with. Again, banks will never ask for sensitive information over emails OR by phone. If it is important, they tend to ask you to come into the bank in order to deal with the issue. Sometimes the caller may not even respond to your questions, as it will be a prerecorded pitch or a robot. Prerecorded pitches are illegal, so be wary if you encounter this and never offer your sensitive information to anyone over the phone, unless you are positive that it is the genuine number of the bank or online payment service that you are using to protect your money and if you are unsure then hang up and call back using the genuine number on their official website.


In order to get their hands on your money, scammers will often pose as someone you trust, such as a relative or friend of a relative or someone in authority. Never give them the benefit of the doubt online or on the phone when it comes to your personal details. Make sure to try and get as much information as possible about the caller. If you can, try and get the number they are calling you from or where they are calling you from (if it is not blocked) and never hand out any of your personal information, whether its bank details, home address or full name and email. That way, you can find out a little more about the person calling and potentially notify the police with an in-depth account of the situation if anything untoward does happen.

You’ve won…

Many fraudulent emails pose as a prize giveaway or debt relief and at first it may seem harmless by asking for a mobile number or an address, but this way the fraud in question is building up layers and layers of your details and rather than jumping in straight away and asking for bank numbers, they are building your trust with seemingly unimportant information. It is also a way for the fraud to get you to click on links that have viruses attached to them which can sit in your computer and snatch sensitive information, such as passwords to online shopping accounts, bank accounts etc.

Insure Your Money

When online shopping, consider the payment method that you choose. Using a service such as PayPal often has a built-in security that allows your information to be completely protected so anyone hacking into your account won’t be able to see any ‘saved’ card details or any previous transactions as they are all protected by several layers of passwords and firewalls. Many credit cards also offer insurance on fraudulent activity. For example, when making a larger payment, such as a holiday or concert tickets, it can be more favourable to pay with your credit card as your bank will tend to insure the transaction, whereas large payments on debit cards that are lost can’t often be traced or returned back to you.

Always Read the Small Print

Online scams aren’t always trying to steal your personal information or give your computer viruses in order to hack into accounts, there are some online ‘scams’ that simply take your money in broad daylight and disguise it as the ‘best offer ever!’ in regards to the service that it is providing. This is a type of scam that isn’t necessarily taking your personal information in order to be fraudulent, however, it aims to reel you in with a delicious looking offer that you simply cannot refuse. Whether it is a free trial on your favourite music or TV programs or ‘money off your first purchase’ type of offer, its aim is to get you hooked into a contract or agreement on a monthly payment scheme for a certain amount of time or taking money off you until you call or write to them to cancel the subscription.

At Cash4Coins, we aim to make sure your money is as safe and secure as it can possibly be! So if you have any questions or queries on our services and how we can help you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Win a Bluetooth Speaker via our Rafflecopter

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How would you like to get your hands on a fabulous Bluetooth speaker? This smart, sleek speaker enables you to take you music with you everywhere. Great sound and quality and the best thing it is small enough to fit in your handbag and it could be yours!

All you have to do to get your hands on this great prize is to enter via our Rafflecopter below. The more steps you complete the more entries you get into the sweepstake.

The competition closes on 28th February, 2015. Enter now and you could be the proud owner of this fantastic little speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker Rafflecopter giveaway

Pimp My Pound! Royal Mint Gives £1 Coin A Modern Twist And Robust Security

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The £1 coin as we know it is soon to be given a facelift, according to the Royal Mint. This summer, a public consultation will take place before the final decision is made on specific factors such as the shape of the new coin and even the metal it is made from.

The new £1 coin isn’t just undergoing a visual makeover. There are some high tech talks going on behind closed doors regarding the security of the new coin. The Royal Mint has been working hard to develop a coin security system that will make counterfeiting the new coin much harder and that will help to secure the new coins as they circulate around the world.

Fancy Yourself A Coin Designer?

Of course, there are only certain aspects of the design that can be changed. The size needs to largely stay to same so that the coin can fit into parking meters, slot machines and the good old shopping trolley. The Queen’s head also needs to be featured, but if you want to try your hand at designing a new ‘tails’ side of the coin, a public design competition will be launched soon and we’ll be bringing you news of that and also news of the introduction of the coin, expected to be in 2017.

The design proposed for the new £1 coin is going to be distinctly British. Featuring twelve sides, the coin will bring back memories of the threepence piece that was legal tender before decimalisation.

Stopping Forgers In Their Tracks

The coin will be made from two different coloured metals and contain new security features that will make it harder for forgeries to be made. The iSIS security feature is a revolutionary new coin security system developed at the Royal Mint.

The Integrated Secure Identification Systems (iSIS) has been designed to make the entire cash cycle more secure. The aim of the system is to protect retailers, the public, the banking system, vending machine operators and the coins themselves. We will bring you more information about iSIS in a later post as it really makes for interesting reading.

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said, “After thirty years loyal service, the time is right to retire the current £1 coin, and replace it with the most secure coin in the world. With advances in technology making high value coins like the £1 ever more vulnerable to counterfeiters, it’s vital that we keep several paces ahead of the criminals to maintain the integrity of our currency. I am particularly pleased that the coin will take a giant leap into the future, using cutting edge British technology while at the same time, paying tribute to the past in the 12-sided design of the iconic threepenny bit.”

Exchange Your Old Fashioned Currency Here!

With the new polymer bank notes and the new security for the £1 coin, it’s only a matter of time before our old less secure coins go out of circulation, and when they do you can be sure Cash4Coins will be here to exchange them for you. We offer foreign currency exchange services for all coins that are no longer legal tender no matter what their country of origin.


Bank Of England Withdraws £50 Note From Circulation

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Tomorrow is the day that the Bank of England will withdraw the Houblon £50 note from circulation. The note, featuring the portrait of Sir John Houblon (shown below) has been in circulation since 1994 and was released to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Bank of England.

Spend Them, Exchange Them Or Deposit Them Quick!

At the time of writing, the Bank of England estimates that there are still over 50 million notes out in the wild amounting to a total of £2.65bn. If you have any of these notes in your possession, you are strongly advised to deposit, spend or exchange them as quickly as possible. From May 2014 onwards, shops across the UK are unlikely to accept the old notes as payment and most UK banks will only exchange Houblon £50 notes for members of the public until 30 October 2014.

Here is some advice from the Bank of England on what to do with your Houblon £50 notes:

Are Other Notes Affected?

The remaining bank notes featuring James Watt and Matthew Boulton will stay legal however.

Why Is The Houblon £50 Note Being Withdrawn?

The reason why the Houblon note is affected whilst the other notes remain in circulation is to crack down on fraud. The Watts and Boulton notes feature a green ‘motion thread’ running through them and windows that feature the number 50 and a pound symbol making these notes much harder to counterfeit.

Trivia Fact: Who Was Sir John Houblon?

Sir John Houlbon was the first governor of the Bank of England.

Do You Have Any Withdrawn Coins You Would Like To Exchange?

At Cash4Coins we keep a close eye on the Bank of England and the currency industry in general. If you have any coins that are no longer legal tender we would be delighted to accept them and to exchange them for a good price. Sending us your coins is easy and we will give you a competitive valuation. Once you accept the valuation we will deposit the money directly to the account or charity of your choice. It really couldn’t be easier!

Written by Dave Barker. Dave Barker is a currency specialist and writes on a number of topics relating to the history of currency and how to make the most of your unwanted foreign coins and notes. You can find him on Google+.

You Won’t Believe What Old Banknotes Once Looked Like

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Did you know that the paper money that we know and love (but never quite seem to have enough of!) originated in Britain during the 17th Century? Well, actually the first recorded use of paper money was in China during the 7th century, but its use was not widespread until nearly a thousand years later.

A Brief History Of The English Banknote

Money in Britain back then was not in general circulation but was given to goldsmith bankers as a receipt for depositing gold. The Bank of England, when it first started in 1694, would also issue notes or receipts for any cash (coin) deposits. These notes would feature the words ‘or the bearer’ and a promise was made by the bank to the depositor to pay up when the depositor brought back their receipt or note from the bank – this is where the term bank note comes from.

It was during the 18th century that fixed denominations came in. On these notes the £ sign and the first digit were printed on the note whilst other details such as the exact figure and the payee’s name would be written on by hand. Some notes would be made out in uneven amounts, but on the most part they were made out to round sums of money. By the year 1745, banknotes were being printed in denominations ranging from £20 to £1000.

Here is the oldest known banknote issued by the Bank of England in 1699.

Here is the original one pound note from around 1797. It went through several changes between the years of 1779 and 1821 and further changes until its withdrawal in 1988 when the one pound coin was introduced.

When Not To Send Us Your Unwanted Currency

At Cash4Coins we are always encouraging you to send us your foreign coins so that we can turn them into real money that you can use, and that applies to withdrawn notes too! However,  we probably would have refrained when it comes to the bank note below. This withdrawn five pound note from 1913 was sold at auction for £1,700!

Do you have any old banknotes at home? We’d love to see some photos of your collection or to hear any stories about old money that you can share with us. Have you ever sold a note or coin at auction or bought a special coin for your collection?  Send us your stories and photos and we will publish them on our blog and our social media page. Get in touch with us today by calling us on 0161 635 0000 or emailing us at

Exchange Foreign Currency The Easy Way With Cash4Coins

Remember, we exchange any foreign currency regardless of the country it came from or whether it is still legal tender. Why not take a look in old drawers or travel wallets today to see how much you could make on the money that you are otherwise not using?  You might be surprised at how much you get back. It’s easy to exchange your foreign currency and you could have the money in your bank account very quickly.

Written by Dave Barker. Dave Barker is a currency specialist and writes on a number of topics relating to the history of currency and how to make the most of your unwanted foreign coins and notes. You can find him on Google+.


How To Change Spanish Pesetas For Sterling

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Since the euro replaced the peseta in 2002, we have seen a huge amount of Spanish pesetas being sent to us here at Cash4Coins. If you have a large stash of Spanish currency at home doing nothing, did you know we can put that money to good use for you?

At Cash4Coins we offer a foreign coin exchange service like no other and we deal in any currency regardless of its type. We can even exchange old British coins if you have any that are no longer legal tender.  Over the years, we have helped schools, colleges, businesses, charities and domestic customers to get a great price for their unwanted currency.

Whether you need money for your organisation or you are just looking for a little rainy day money, why not send in your Spanish pesetas so that we can give you a good valuation?  If you are not happy with our valuation, we will simply send back your coins.

We Will Even Sort And Count Your Spanish Pesetas For You

If you have a large amount of Spanish pesetas you can send them in on their own or mixed in with other foreign currency. We do the hard work for you by sorting and counting your coins. Once this is done we will send you our valuation. You don’t have to accept our valuation but if you do we will have your money deposited to you in no time. You can choose to have money sent to your own bank account, your PayPal account or a nominated charity of your choice.

And talking of charities, many charities have approached us for help with fund raising and we are always more than happy to assist. Why not start a foreign coin donation campaign as most people have foreign coins at home – remember, we exchange all types of foreign coin and not just Spanish pesetas.

New Year Means Decluttering – How Much Foreign Currency Will You Find?

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to declutter the house, you might be surprised when you find an old collection of Spanish pesetas or another foreign currency. We are all in a bit of a post-holiday daze when we return from a foreign land and this can mean old coins simply get put into a jar or left in a drawer. No matter how many coins you find or what the currency, we would be delighted to help you turn them into cold hard cash that you can get your hands on in a matter of days.

Send Us Your Foreign Coins – It’s Easy Money!

It’s never been easier or quicker to make a bit of money when you use Cash4Coins. Once we receive your coins we will be in touch very quickly to tell you how much your coins are worth. Think what you could do with your money – a night out, some new clothes or even enough for another holiday!  Take a look around your home now for those lurking Spanish pesetas and other foreign currency. You could be sitting on a little goldmine.




Cash4Coins Currency Exchange Advice – How To Get The Best Currency Deals

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At Cash4Coins we offer a currency exchange service that is second to none.  We also like to give you the lowdown on how to exchange currency and get the best deals when you go on holiday or take a business trip abroad.  With a holiday on the horizon, we’re often so excited that we forget to look out for the best deals when it comes to arranging currency exchange.

Forget The Bank And Airport Bureau De Change For Your Currency Exchange

If you usually use the bureau de change services at your local bank or your departure airport, you might be surprised to learn that these services will not give you the best deal.  Why?  Well, exchange rates fluctuate all day every day, but the banks and airports don’t give you access to the live exchange rate.  Instead, they give you access to the rate that was released in the morning and that rate stays the same for the entire day.  Online foreign exchange brokers on the other hand, give you access to exchange rates that are as close as possible to the Interbank live rate.  This is the rate that the banks pay for the currency they buy and it is much more competitive.

Why 0% Commission Is A Myth

Those 0% commission deals you see advertising on the high street are actually not as good a deal as you might first thing.  The companies offering 0% commission for currency exchange need to make a profit somewhere and they do this by offering you an exchange rate that is lower than the rate they purchased the currency for originally.  That is why it is best to consider the exchange rate you are actually getting rather than being blinded by these 0% fee deals.

Compare The Market For All Currency Exchange Transactions

In the same way that you can compare the market for physical goods, you can now do the same for services and currency exchange services are no exception.  Whether you are exchanging Sterling for US Dollars or US Dollars for Euros, this is a great way to find the best deals online.  At Cash4Coins we understand the way the currency exchange market works.  After all, we deal with foreign currency every day.  As a result, we know how doing a little research to find the best rate could mean you are quids or Euros in if you find a good deal.

And Remember Cash4Coins When You Want To Exchange Your Leftover Currency

If you return from your trip with lots of leftover currency, don’t forget that Cash4Coins can help.  We can transfer any foreign currency into Sterling or another currency of your choice and you don’t even need to sort or count it.  Our service is quick and easy and we have many satisfied customers that have used our services to arrange a foreign currency exchange. That leftover currency would only sit around gathering dust once your holiday becomes a distant memory.  Why not turn them into something worthwhile by using our foreign currency exchange service.  We would be delighted to exhange your leftover currency for you.