Millions of unspent and redundant currency in circulation

Research conducted by Cash4Coins, a company who deal with coin processing and coin sorting concluded that 27% of people have left over foreign currency. Even after people try and spend it at duty free or leave it in a drawer, there is still over £819 million of redundant currency floating around.

Cash4Coins offer a coin sorting and coin processing service which takes all this redundant currency and turns it back into currency. This ‘BuyBack’ process enables all redundant currency to be sent to us to be exchanged to cash which can then be donated to a charity, cause or fundraiser.  This process is a great way of raising funds for many charities. Many airports use our services to raise money for charitable causes.

A huge amount of money goes to waste every year, the service we provide enables us process leftover currency sent to us which can then be donated to a charity.

We provide coin sorting services for many hospitals, charities, businesses, banks and other public sector organisations who raise money via fundraising.  Cash4Coins activities are 100% regulated by HM Revenue & Customs and we are proud to be a member of IBNS, the International Bank Note Society.

Money Laundering Regulations (MLR)

If you are looking at coin processing and currency sorting for transactions of a high value, by law we are required to implement the enhanced Money Laundering Regulation Checks

Cash4Coins service is tailored to customer requirements. Our process is a fast and simple way to exchange and process foreign coins into usable funds.

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