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Coins for Charity

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Donating foreign coins for charity

Most charities across the UK are unfortunately experiencing a drop in donations. This is not surprisingly due to the current financial climate. But there is a way to donate coins for charity without it having to cost you a penny. OK, what’s the catch we hear you saying – well, there isn’t one!

The answer is simple – donate your unwanted foreign coins for charity.  It really couldn’t be easier. Whether you are a volunteer for a charity or you would like us to donate the money you make from your foreign coins, cash4coins does all the hard work for you.  We will even sort and count your foreign coins saving you the effort of doing it yourself.  And if your coins are over a certain weight, we will even send our courier to collect them.

The easiest way to donate your foreign coins to the charity of your choice!

Donating foreign coins for charity is a great way to make a little extra money for a worthwhile cause. We have also helped schools, hospitals and museums to bring in a little extra cash through foreign coin donations.  What’s more, we have a specialist fundraising team on standby who can tell you more about the coins for charity fundraising ideas we have shared and the success they have had.  Our team would be delighted to tell you more and you can also read some of the fabulous comments from our previous customers on our comments page.

Across the UK today there are millions of pounds worth of foreign coins and notes that are going to waste. This is because banks won’t exchange foreign coins and some low denomination notes back into Sterling. The only choice you have is to take the currency back to the country of origin. A lot of us also have old coins and notes that are out of circulation such as Spanish Pesetas and German Marks that can’t be spent or exchanged. Furthermore many people also have old British and Irish coins as well as pre-decimal coins and notes.

So instead of this foreign currency just sitting there why don’t you donate it to charity? We work with lots of UK charities to exchange foreign coins and notes for them… giving them a valuable source of income. This helps to close the gap between the drop in donations that many are experiencing.

What coins for charity do we accept?

All foreign coins and notes
All pre-Euro coins and notes
Damaged and commemorative notes and coins
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre-decimal currency


If you are a fundraiser then accepting foreign coins for charity is a fantastic way to increase funds. We can help advise you on the best way to organise a collection to make your a big success. This is why we are the most customer recommended service in the UK and trusted by charities both large and small. To see how we can help you please contact us.  Our friendly team is standing by right now to assist!

Deutsche Mark Banknotes

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The way to exchange Deutsche Mark banknotes

In 1948 after the Second World War the Allied Forces introduced the Deutsche Mark and made it the official currency of Germany. However, the Mark was the currency of Germany since 1871. The Deutsche Mark was introduced for the first time on the 21st of June, 1948. The currency was initially introduced in denominations of ½, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 DEM. Later on denominations of 500 and 1000 DEM were also introduced. There have been four series of the DEM with the last series being introduced in 1990. This series had improved measures to combat forgery. It was this series that added a 200 Mark denomination to the range and to fill the gap between the 100 DEM and 500 DM. In 1999 it was replaced by the Euro. However, the Deutsche Mark remained in circulation until 2002.

Why change your Deutsche Banknotes with us?

We provide a fast and easy way to DEM banknotes into Sterling
We change all world currencies and all coins
All German Deutsche Mark banknotes will be converted into cash, regardless of age or condition
We offer faster payment with guaranteed best exchange rates


Exchange Deutsche Mark banknotes with Cash4Coins

Have you got a jar full of foreign leftover currency sitting in a drawer wondering what to do with it? Everyone returns home with some foreign banknotes as they simply didn’t have enough time to spend them at the airport or the denominations were small so couldn’t spend them last minute. We can help. We convert any foreign currency back into cash. We guarantee the best exchange rates and faster payment. We guarantee the best possible exchange rates along with faster payment and we offer a money back guarantee.

Don’t take your banknotes to the bank as they often give you a poor exchange rate and may not even be interested in changing up small amounts of notes or notes of a small denomination.  It’s much easier and quicker to send your coins and notes to Cash4Coins. We offer excellent rates and can even collect your coins and notes from you if they weigh over a certain weight.  And remember, we exchange any notes from any currency so get rifling through those drawers at home to see what you have leftover from holidays and trips abroad.

Deutsche Mark notes we exchange

5 Deutsche Marks banknote (5 DEM)
10 Deutsche Marks banknote (10 DEM)
20 Deutsche Marks banknote (20 DEM)
50 Deutsche Marks banknote (50 DEM)
100 Deutsche Marks banknote (100 DEM)
200 Deutsche Marks banknote (200 DEM)
500 Deutsche Marks banknote (500 DEM)
1000 Deutsche Marks banknote (1,000 DEM)

You really have nothing to lose. If you are not happy with the valuation we give you we will simply send you back your coins FREE of charge.  We think you will be absolutely delighted with our valuation however and if you agree we can have your money in your bank account within a matter of days.  Whether you are looking for a little rainy day money or you are a charity looking to make more money through charity donations, we are always happy to assist at Cash4Coins.


Danish Kroner Banknotes

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Exchange Danish Kroner Banknotes

Denmark first introduced currency in 1625. The kroner was introduced and became legal tender in 1873 when the Scandinavian Monetary Union was established between Sweden and Denmark. The kroner is also legal tender in the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Abbreviated to DKK it is subdivided into “øre”. In the English language kroner translated means ‘crown’. Banknotes are minted in five denominations comprising 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kroner. Each of the banknotes has a prominent person form Denmark printed on the front and the reverse side has symbolic images printed. The smallest kroner note in circulation is the 50 with the 100 DKK banknote the principal note in the series as almost half of the banknotes in circulation in the country are 100 kroner banknotes.

Use our FREE and secure online method to change leftover Danish Kroner notes into cash.

As well as the DKK we convert all world currencies back into cash
Danish kroner banknotes will be exchanged for cash regardless of age or condition
Any previous series kroner banknotes will also be accepted and converted into cash
Guaranteed rates with faster payment
Free collection
All kroner commemorative banknotes will be accepted and exchanged into cash


Exchange Danish kroner banknotes the secure and fast way…

Everyone returns from holiday with leftover foreign currency in the form of foreign banknotes. These could be USA dollars, Canadian dollars or the Danish kroner. These always end up in the jar labelled leftover holiday money and then placed back in the drawer in the hope you use them again when you travel abroad. However, if you have some leftover Danish kroner banknotes then why not contact us and we will exchange these back into cash. Our service is secure, fast and simple. We exchange any unwanted foreign currency back into usable money. We guarantee to give you the best exchange rate available and faster payment. If our quote does not meet your requirements then we will return your foreign leftover currency at our own expense. It really is that easy.

Danish kroner notes we exchange

5 Danish kroner banknote (5 DKK note)
10 Danish krone banknote (10 DKK note)
20 Danish kroner banknote (20 DKK note)
50 Danish kroner banknote (50 DKK note)
100 Danish kroner banknote (100 DKK note)
500 Danish kroner banknote (500 DKK note)
1000 Danish kroner banknote (1000 DKK note)


Exchange all foreign coins and banknotes today!  At Cash4Coins we make it easier than ever before to change your unused banknotes into cash you can use.  Whether you have old notes from a holiday years ago or you have been on many business trips and have currency leftover, we can help.  Our team is always happy and willing to give you all the information you need about our currency exchange service and how to go about exchanging your Danish Kroner Banknotes.

Don’t delay!  Send your foreign coins and notes to our team now and we will get busy sorting, counting and valuing them for you.  You could have your money in the bank within days.  Just think how handy it could be to have a little extra cash in your account.