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Exchange Your Old Foreign Notes Today

Posted on: July 11th, 2017 by Ian Stormnet

Out of circulation? No problem! We can help you exchange them before it’s to late.

As the excitement for the next £5 note and £1 coin calms down, we look at when they are discontinued and what you can do to keep those penny’s safe so you can still get your money’s worth. As well as this, we will let you know what exactly is old but still exchangeable for now, so you still have time to get your soon to be expired coins and notes into us.

UK £5 Notes

As you’re probably aware, the change-over in fiver’s from paper to plastic saw the UK going into meltdown… Literally. The so-called indestructible plastic note that saw people trying to tear, melt and even use them to play through a vinyl player! However, you may not be aware that the old beloved fiver note has now been discontinued. Do not fear, we are still happy to exchange these for you!

Cypriot Pounds

Now, you may be less familiar with the news that the Cypriot pounds will no longer be accepted after 31st December 2017. If you have holidayed abroad to the beautiful country of Cyrpus in the last 9 years, you may be aware that the Cypriot Pound was swapped for the Euro in 2008. Now, if you happen to find a few of these lying around in old suitcase, under the sofa or in the ‘junk’ drawer then please don’t forget to contact us before December 31st!


Spanish Pesetas

Whilst this one is a little less urgent, it is still crucial you get your left over Spanish Pesetas before December 31st 2020 (that gives you 2 and a half years of rummaging!) The Spanish Peseta has changed considerably over the years with a changeover in the 1980’s from old chunky notes, to notes that were designed around a modern era and had features such as the security thread and florescent fibres, as well as the large engraved images of history figureheads. However, these were changed again in the early 90’s, introducing American figureheads on to their currency as well as Spanish, to celebrate the fifth centenary anniversary of the discovery of ‘modern’ American. These notes included even more security features, including that of the advanced lithographic ink. This ink helps to detect fraud when an ultraviolet light is placed over them. They even had a feature added that helped people with impaired vision to distinguish the notes through embossed marks. These advanced notes then paved way for the new Euro notes that were introduced into Spain in 2002.


Using this as a gentle reminder, get searching and collecting those unused, unwanted coins and notes and send them over to us whilst you still have time! If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at Cash4Coins so we can help you get the most out of your exchange.

UK Households Unearth More Than £3.79 Billion in Lost Change & Foreign Currency Each Year

Posted on: July 6th, 2017 by Ian Stormnet

A UK study has revealed that the average British home harbours more than £140 in “lost” UK sterling and foreign change. The sides of the sofa, clothing pockets and the back of drawers are the most likely areas to uncover forgotten cash. 


New research has found that Britons have three different types of foreign currency at home from previous trips abroad at any one time. Euros, US Dollars and Turkish Lira were revealed as the most common kinds of international notes and coins unknowingly hidden in the average UK property. 

The team at polled 2,948 British adults aged 18 and over as part of the study into hidden finances of the average UK home. Participants polled were spread evenly across each of the UK regions, with all those taking part currently renting or owning their own property. 

Firstly, all respondents were asked how often they found loose change (UK or foreign notes and coins) in unexpected areas of their home, with the vast majority (93%) admitting that this happened to them on weekly basis. When these individuals were then asked to estimate how much was found during each discovery, the average amount emerged as £2.70, equating to £140.40 over the course of a year. Taking into account the total number of households within the UK (27.1 million*) this would equate to £3.79 billion found across the entirety of British homes each year. 

Everyone taking part was then given an extensive list of possible answers and asked to state the areas that they’d previously uncovered forgotten change (coins and/or notes) in their homes, with the five most common answers emerging as follows: 

1.       Down the side of a sofa/under cushions – 72%

2.       Inside clothes pockets – 64%

3.       At the back of drawers – 49%

4.       Under the bed – 22%

5.       Inside pots and/or ornaments (e.g. vases) – 16%

Participants were given the option of ‘other’ in order to add in some of the more unusual locations they’d found hidden change in their homes. From this, researchers uncovered that a total of nine participants had found loose change hidden in a pet’s bed, while seven respondents managed to retrieve money that had been dropped into their toilet bowl. 

When asked if foreign currency from travelling abroad had been amongst the loose change found around their home within the last year, more than three quarters of respondents (77%) admitted that it had been. Of these, the majority (84%) stated that they’d forgotten they had the currency following their return from foreign trips, as there wasn’t enough to convert back into UK sterling. The most common foreign currencies unearthed in UK homes emerged as Euros (78%), US Dollars (23%) and Turkish Lira (19%).

Kirsty O’Sullivan, spokesperson for, said:

“Finding a little unexpected treasure at the bottom of your sock drawer or down the side of your sofa can be a thrill – depending on how much you discover.” 

And with that, we encourage you to have a rummage behind your sofas, under the bed and definitely under where ‘X’ marks the spot in your garden (who knew that was there?). And if you happen to come across those coins that you have no use for, then why not give us a call, so we can help you shift that unwanted currency!

Leftover Currency

Posted on: August 6th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange you leftover currency for CASH

When you go on holiday most of us return with some left over currency that we have not managed to spend. However hard we try there are always a few foreign coins that manage to end up not being spent. The problem is that banks and bureau de change operations will not exchange foreign coins or any leftover currency back into cash.

The reason that the banks won’t change foreign coins is because of the exceptionally large costs associated with counting, sorting and shipping the coins back to their country of origin before their value can be realised.

However, there is a great way to change your leftover currency and coins…. use our currency exchange service here at Cash 4 Coins. We are the UK’s most trusted foreign exchange company specialising in left over currency conversion.  We have helped countless customers to make the most of their currency and we could do the same for you. Whether you have a jar full of Euro coins or you have British coins you want to change to USD, we can help you to exchange your leftover currency for cash!  It couldn’t be easier.

Exchange your leftover currency in three easy steps…

Step 1

Package up your left over coins and currency and send them to us here at Cash 4 Coins. If you have over a certain weight you can use our drop off service or alternatively we may collect for FREE.

Check out or page ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

Step 2

We count and sort the left over currency and then make you an offer to buy them.

Step 3

If you accept our offer then we pay you! It’s really that simple. You can check out just how good our service is by what our customers say about our service. Go to our ‘customer comments’ page.

We provide a fast, efficient and friendly service for a wide range of customers from private individuals to schools, hospitals and businesses who want to exchange their left over currency into usable cash.  You can trust us to give you the best possible service and we can even collect your coins for FREE if they are over a certain weight.  We are the company that likes to say Yes when it comes to exchanging leftover currency and our team is on hand right now to help.

In particular, many charities and fundraisers use our services to generate much needed funds for their chosen course. We have a specialist team that are dedicated to charities so why not give us a call and change your left over currency into cash today.  If you want some fundraising ideas, give our team a call.  Turning leftover currency into Sterling has never been easier and you will be surprised how much those foreign coins and notes can be worth.

Don’t let leftover currency go to waste when Cash4Coins can exchange it for you.  Our team is waiting to accept your coins now and we will even sort and count them for you.  It really has never been easier to make the most of your money!