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The easiest ways to exchange Spanish pesetas you have lying around

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When Spain joined the eurozone back in 2002, the Spanish Peseta became illegal currency and obsolete. Over the years many other countries have joined the euro and many people are sitting on an amount of defunct foreign currency. Cash4Coins offer a simple facility to exchange Spanish pesetas and other obsolete foreign currency.

The average household in Britain has over £65 million worth of leftover foreign currency lying around in empty drawers.  Total this up and collectively this equates to a massive £1.8 billion sitting gathering dust. It should be noted this also includes all currencies, not just obsolete ones.

While this currency is now no longer legal tender, it is still worth something, even after all the time that has elapsed.  If you have any obsolete foreign currency including notes and coins, Cash4Coins will accept all this defunct currency and convert it back into cash. Many charities and fundraising organisations are now collecting leftover foreign currency to raise the much needed funds they require.

Pesetas are a popular leftover currency that most people tend to have, some even going back to 1970 up to the point Spain joined Europe. You have until 31st December 2020 to get rid of your Spanish pesetas so if you are travelling to Spain you can take them with you and exchange them at Spain’s central bank (Banco de España). If you are not going to Spain then we can exchange them for you.

We accept coins and notes from over 150 currencies from pesetas, francs, deutschmark, even old Irish notes.

Top 10 currencies gathering dust:

  1. Euros
  2. American Dollars
  3. Swiss Francs
  4. German deutschmarks
  5. Spanish pesetas
  6. French francs
  7. Italian lire
  8. Irish pounds
  9. Canadian dollars
  10. Australian dollars

When it comes to choosing how to exchange foreign coins and notes we know that you want a fast, simple, open and honest service – and that’s what you get with Cash 4 Coins. We are trusted by the public sector, national charities, banks, businesses, schools and hospitals to exchange foreign coins and (of course) to provide the best rates in the UK.

For your peace of mind we are registered under the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) and our activities are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. We are also proud to be a member of the IBNS, the International Bank Note Society.


Comic Relief Fundraising Ideas

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Discover Ways to Fundraise for Comic Relief with tips from foreign cash converters Cash4Coins

Comic Relief may have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop raising money for the good work that they do. Not only this, but if you are worried that you missed out on doing your bit, then you can also plan in all those amazing fundraising ideas for next Comic Relief.

Bake, bake, bake

Everyone loves a bit of cake, so if you are a dab hand with a whisk and some flour, why not put those talents to good use and whip up a storm in the kitchen? You can take them to work, to school or wherever, all with the aim to making a bit of a profit that can go to charity.

Give up something you love

This is a fundraising idea that is becoming more and more popular. Giving up something that you love is hard work, and you can ask from donations from friends and family to support you in your abstinence.

It could be from chocolate, crisps, wine or cheese. Whatever you pick, make sure that it is something worthwhile and that people will support you in.

Have a quiz or games night

Do you love playing board games? Think that you are a dab hand at quizzes? Why not use these as an excuse to raise some money for charity? Set an evening of fun up with your friends and charge an entrance fee. You can offer prizes for the winners, and also make sure that you have a penalty pot set up for anyone who doesn’t play by the rules!

Organise a lunchtime disco

Sometimes a working day can drag on a bit. What about seeing if a lunchtime boogie can help to break it up? All you need is a spare meeting room or office, some tunes and maybe a disco ball or two, and you have yourself your very own office based rave. You can charge an entrance fee for everyone to come and party with you, and make sure that you have plenty of fizzy pop (non-alcoholic of course) for when they have worked up a thirst.

Have a swear jar

This is a great idea if you want to take your time in fundraising, perhaps ready to donate for the next Comic Relief. Everytime you utter a curse word, put some change in the pot. You can set an amount, or simply make it whatever you have to hand. Not only will you soon be putting money away for charity, but you will find yourself watching your language too. Just make sure you have enough space in case you stub your toe!

Charity doesn’t only have to be during these big TV drives, you can donate to causes up and down the UK or worldwide whenever you want to, and make sure that you do your bit for helping good causes around the world.


Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

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For one night in November, every year, the BBC becomes a place dedicated to charity. Helping children across the globe, Children in Need has become one of the best supported charities out there.

It draws in big name celebrities and is a whole lot of fun for those that watch it.

However, Children in Need, just like many of other charities, simply wouldn’t be able to function without donations. Which means that each and every year, people around the UK come up with great ways to raise money and help those who need it.

Want to get yourself nice and organised for the 2017 Children in Need? Why not check out some of the great ways you can raise money when the time comes?

Face your fears

Is there something that you are really terrified of? A great way to raise money is to face those fears. Get people to sponsor you to hold a spider, do a bungee jump or anything that is going to make you squirm. It is a sure fire way to get some support!

Go without tech

Are you the type of person who always has their phone in their hands? Bit of TV nut? Why not pledge to give up tech for a week during the Children in Need week? Not only is it a great fundraising tool, but it might actually teach you that you don’t need your beloved gadget in the first place!

Do something big

Want to really make an impact for charity? If you do, then perhaps it is time to try out something huge. Jump out of a plane, climb a mountain or run a marathon. These big pledges are a great way to bring money in and also give you the drive to try something that you wouldn’t otherwise!

Sell something

Do you have a hobby, talent or skill? Why not use this to raise money? You can bake cakes, paint pictures, even knit a blanket. Whatever you do, sell it for cash and you can soon see the money come in for charity.

Wear your PJs for a day

Just because it is a popular one, doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Don a onesie, or your favourite PJs for the day and raise some money. Or better yet, get your whole office, school or family to do the same. Not only will you raise money, but you will be super comfy for the day too!

The money that is raised during Children in Need really does make a difference to the lives of children around the world. There really is no better reason to get out there and try to raise some for yourself. Whether it is a few hundred pound or just 5, it is still going to make a difference and make up the grand total!



Fundraise for Charities That Need Your Help

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Let Cash4Coins help you exchange foreign currencies to fundraise for charities that need your help

Every charity is worthwhile, and every fundraising project has an important reason behind it. But it seems that throughout the UK, there are some charities that really need your help and support.

If you are looking for a new charity to donate to, we have some of those that are looking for a helping hand from donators up and down the UK.

Battersea Cats and Dogs Home

Here in the UK we are known for our love of animals, and in particular our pets. That said, charities just like Battersea Cats and Dogs Home see abandoned and mistreated pets on a number of occasions. Their aim is not only to never turn down a cat or dog that needs a new home. But also, to make sure that those cats and dogs find their way to a loving forever home.

The Lullaby Trust

No parent should ever go through the horror and pain of losing a child. However for around 600 families every year, that lose a baby suddenly, the pain is very real. The Lullaby Trust was set up to offer specialist support to those families, helping them through the difficult times as well as creating safety advice relating to sleeping babies.

They also conduct research into SIDS to find out what can be done to try and reduce the risk of it happening.

Dementia UK

More and more people throughout the UK are being touched by some form of Dementia. This particular charity is one of many that looks at ways to help and support those whose lives are affected by Dementia. It supports Admiral Nurses who will work with families who are coping with Dementia, and offer their specialist support and guidance through what can often be an uncertain and upsetting time.


Whilst Shelter may be a charity that many people recognise, it is one that still needs donations. The issue of homelessness or bad homing is one that isn’t going away, and Shelter help millions of people each and every year. They not only provide support, but they also offer advice to those that are faced with homelessness, as well working hard to combat it on a wider level and try to eradicate the issue in the long term too.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution has been helping people who get into difficulty in the waters around the UK since 1824. The help that they offer is vital and saves lives up and down the country, however it relies mostly on volunteers, as well as donations from people to keep it running.

These are just some of the charities that you can decide to help by making a donation. The best way to ensure that your money is going to help something that you care about, is to take a look through some of the different charities, throughout the UK, the world or perhaps just in your local area, and make a pledge to support them to carry on doing all the great work that they already do.


How to Set Up a Crowd Funding Page

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Learn how to set up a fundraising page and raise money with foreign currencies with Cash4Coins

Over recent years the world of charity has changed. Or should we say, the way that money is raised for charity has changed.

One way that charity has moved forward is with the introduction of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is used to raise money for a specific project, drive or simply for a particular aspect of a charity.

The crowdfund is usually time specific and has a huge dependence on the world of social media, a place that offers the perfect conditions to raise awareness, as well as raising money.

Need to find a way to raise money for a particular project? Perhaps the power of the community could help to build a memorial or a dedication? Or maybe assist in a charity drive?

If that is true, why not try out crowdfunding and see if it is the ideal way to raise the money that you need?

Here is our guide to setting up your own crowdfunding page.

Pick what you want to raise money for

Before you even start a crowdfunding page, you will need have a specific aim in mind. It should also have a clear outcome that you can present to your potential funders. You will also need to decide on the time frame that you want to raise money in.

Work out your budget and set your funding target

One of the main parts of any crowd funding project is how much you need to raise, and where it is going to go. You to do this by working out the budget of what you want to achieve from the money. You will also need to think about any commission that you need to pay to the crowdfunding site, and budget for any rewards that you need to hand out.

Get your pitch ready

You won’t be able to raise money if you don’t create a great pitch. The best way to do this is to create a short video, explaining more about your project, what you need the money for as well as the difference that you will hope to make.

The idea behind a pitch is that it not only makes everything clear, but it also grabs attention too!

Find a platform that you can promote on

There are a real variety of different crowd funding platforms that you can raise money through. You just need to find the right one for you. You will need to decide whether you want to offer a reward for the donations that people send through, or simply bring in the donations and allow people to help you to get to where you need to be.

Start it up

Once you have everything in place, it is time to launch. Get out and reach the community via email and social media. Encouraging people to share your page and pass on their requests for fundraising to their family and friends.

Keep it updated

It is important to keep all those wonderful people that have contributed to your fund updated on the project and how you are doing. Thank each and every person for their contribution and let them know the difference that their money will make.

Now you know more about crowdfunding, perhaps it is time to try it out for yourself, and see what you could do with the money.


Fundraising For Remembrance Day – Help Our Heroes With A Foreign Coin Donation

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Fundraising with a foreign coin donation for remembrance day can be a great way to help our heroes and their families.  Every year, the nation expresses its support and gratitude for all the work the Royal British Legion carries out through its famous Poppy Appeal.  Wearing your poppy with pride is a great way of showing support whilst giving a little towards this fantastic cause.  But did you know there is another way to show your support and appreciation to our service men and women?

By making a foreign coin donation to the British Legion, you could be helping Armed Forces families, veterans or those currency in active service. And the good news is that we can handle everything for you. Whether you have lots of Euros tucked away, you have old British currency that is no longer legal tender or you have lots of low denomination bank notes, we can help you to make a donation to the Royal British Legion.  At Cash4Coins we help a range of different charities every year and we would be delighted to help you to make a difference to thousands of men and women around the world through the Royal British Legion.

Your Foreign Coin Donation Could Help So Many Armed Forces Families

 The Poppy Appeal this year is focused especially on Armed Forces families whether they are the families of active service personnel or retired personnel.  By donating your foreign coins and wearing your poppy with pride, you could be helping to support mothers, children, fathers and also those who have lost members of their family in active service. 

It’s so easy to donate to this worthwhile cause.  You don’t even need to count or sort your coins as we do the hard work for you.  Simply fill in our currency donation form and enter the Royal British Legion as your preferred charity.  Then just include this form in with your coins and we’ll make sure they receive your generous donation.  Why not club together with friends and family to make your foreign coin donation go even further?  It’s amazing how many foreign coins can be hiding around the home and how much they can be worth.

Why A Foreign Coin Donation Can Make Such A Difference

Every year, Cash4Coins donates thousands to charities across the UK and around the world thanks to the generosity of our fabulous customers. We can also help charities directly and can set up a dedicated charity page that will ensure donations always get to the right place.  Arranging a foreign coin donation is so simple and we would be delighted to help you with the process.  We even have a dedicated fundraising team on hand to help you.

Remembrance Day is one day that we remember every year, but you can donate to the Royal British Legion all year round thanks to the Cash4Coins service. We are reliable, quick and have expert knowledge of the currency exchange system. We can also give you professional advice on how you make the most of your leftover currency.


Hospital Fundraising Ideas

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Super fast and simple hospital fundraising ideas…

Here at Cash4coins we receive a lot of enquiries regarding hospital fundraising ideas. We have assisted many hospitals in the UK raise the much needed funds they are looking for by exchanging unwanted currency that they have collected.  Arranging a foreign coin donation is a great way of making money with the least amount of effort and you won’t need to spend any of your money on this type of fundraising.  Simply set up a clearly marked coin collection area and you are ready to go!

You’ll be surprised how many people have lots of foreign and old coins at home just sitting doing nothing useful, but thanks to Cash4Coins and our hospital fundraising ideas, you can now make use of these coins and put them to good use around your hospital.  New equipment, training for staff or new books for your children’s ward – these are just some of the things our hospital customers have spent their converted cash on.

Our team offers a service second to none when it comes to exchanging foreign currency. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure you’re collection is a successful one. We offer FREE help and advice and have organised very successful foreign coin collections for a number of large NHS trusts and hospitals who have raised thousands of pounds in revenue.

Once your collection is complete you simply send it to us, we will then count and recount it, in order to ensure you receive the maximum value for your currency. What’s more if your currency weighs over 5kg’s Cash4 coins will arrange for the coins to be collected free of charge. Go to our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

To see just how good our service is please check out our customer comments page.  We have helped many of our customers to get the best from their fundraising events through the donation of foreign coins and we could do the same for you.  Many people do not know that they can change foreign coins for Sterling as it is not a service the banks offer.  That’s what makes us so unique and convenient and our team is standing by right now to count and sort your coins.

Many large groups and charities are now organising currency collections within their organisations very successfully. It works especially well and is one of the best hospital fundraising ideas due to the amount of visitors passing through the doors each day that the appeal can go to. There is so much unwanted currency that people have stashed away in their homes that is just going to waste, so it’s a great way to make use of it.

Our team are always available to help with hospital fundraising ideas so give us a call today. There really is nothing to lose. If you’re not happy with the offer we make for you’re currency we will even return you’re collection to you free of charge. Call today for more information or e-mail us at

Church Fundraising Ideas

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One of the best church fundraising ideas…

We receive a lot of enquiries from congregations all over the UK, looking for church fundraising ideas, to help raise much needed cash for their church’s cause.  The problems many of our customers have is that the banks do not want to change up their foreign coins because it simply is not worth their while to do so. So, whilst the banks are chasing the big league money exchanges, Cash4Coins focuses on changing up your spare coins and leftover currency.  We provide the service that the bank can’t and can help you to make use of your coins.

Here at Cash4coins we provide a very fast and effective service to all of our customers and help them turn unwanted foreign currency into cash, cash that the banks simply won’t exchange due to the high costs they incur in doing so.  We also have our fundraising team on standby to give you lots of fundraising ideas for your church.  Whether you are saving for a new roof (isn’t every church doing that at some point or another?) or you need new hymn books, we can help you to raise the money you need through foreign coin donations.  We can also exchange British and Irish currency that is no longer in circulation.

One of the best church fundraising ideas is to arrange a collection within your parish of all your members unwanted currency that they have lying around at home. Cash4coins will then collect the currency (if it weighs over a certain weight then it’s for free). Otherwise you can send it to our address where it will be counted and recounted by our team of specialists to ensure that you get the maximum value available.

To send us coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.  We make it easier than anybody else to change up your leftover currency and old coins.  Take a look around at home and ask your congregation to do the same.  At your next service, why not advertise that you are going to be passing round a foreign coin collection plate as well as the usual one?  This can be a great way to raise more money for your church.

Once you have accepted our offer we then have a very swift, easy and secure payment procedure that can either be paid by BACS, Paypal or Cheque, it really couldn’t be simpler. Our service is completely risk free, what’s more if you are not entirely happy with the offer we make for your currency we will return the coins at our expense – so there really is nothing to lose.

We have already helped many large Charities and organisations raise much needed cash for their cause. We would love to hear from you at Cash4coins, to assist you with your church fundraising ideas and provide you with foreign coin solutions. Call us today for more information or e-mail us at


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Charity Fundraising

If you are a charity fundraiser and are looking for simple and very effective charity fundraising ideas then look no further than foreign coin collections. Charity coin collections are one of the best ways to raise money for your charity or good cause. The fundraising is very effective as it uses unwanted foreign coins to raise money.

The main advantage is that people often don’t mind donating foreign coins, this is because they can’t be changed at the bank or bureau de change and therefore are useless (unless of course you remember to take them away the next time). Most people don’t remember to take them so, for the most part they go to waste. Our service means that you can take advantage of this fact and collect foreign coins for your fundraising campaign.

We help hundreds of charities, clubs, schools and good causes all over the UK raise much needed funds.

Our fundraising service is simple, easy to use and effective.

  1. You send us your foreign coins (we accept all coins from Euros to Yen and everything in between) -we’ll even collect for FREE over certain weights – check out ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.
  2. We sort and count the coins
  3. You get paid – it really is that simple!

If you’d like to see just how good our service is take a look at our customer comments page to see how we’ve helped others.

What coins do we accept?

All foreign coins
Pre-Euro coins and notes
All foreign banknotes
Old British and Irish coins
Pre-decimal coins


To get your fundraising off the ground just organise a foreign coin collection, every year thousands of people return home from their holidays with spare foreign change that never gets used. As a fundraiser you can tap into this and collect foreign coins which we then buy for cash. We then pay the funds directly to you or the nominated charity via cheque or BACS. So, if you’re looking for an excellent way of fundraising start your charity coin collection today.

For further help and advice please contact our charity team.

Best Fundraising Ideas

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Organising a foreign coin collection is one of the best fundraising ideas…

One of the best fundraising ideas is to organise a foreign coin collection – here you can collect people’s unwanted foreign coins and notes and then get us to exchange these for cash for your school, PTA, charity or club.  You’ll be amazed at how many of your followers have foreign coins just sitting around at home. These coins can easily be transformed into Sterling you can use and it’s Cash4Coins that can arrange this for you. We offer expert help and advice for any charity, school, hospital or museum looking to quite literally cash in on the abundance of foreign coins out there.

As banks and bureau de change operation will not exchange foreign coins back into sterling it means that most people have a pot of foreign change lying around their home or office. This currency is basically worthless, especially when you think that most people never bother (or forget) to take it away with them. This is why organising a foreign coin collection is one of the best fundraising ideas.

Especially in tougher financial times, it’s harder to get people to donate. However, the difference with a foreign coin collection is that people usually don’t mind donating what is just leftover shrapnel. This means that you can take advantage of the foreign coins for your fundraising. Many organisations just like you benefit from collection foreign coins everyday – don’t miss out.

The best fundraising ideas are those that you can use time and time again. The great thing about arranging foreign coin collections is that you can run this type of event throughout the year.  In fact, the best time is after the school holidays when everyone has returned from their foreign holidays. Strike whilst the iron is hot and you could have a wide range of foreign currencies flooding into your collection tin.  And the best bit is that we can exchange them all!  Your bank will not do that for you as it is simply not cost effective for them to do so.  At Cash4Coins it’s different and we welcome these coins through our doors.

If you’d like to organise a coin collection for your school, PTA, hospital, charity or club (or for any cause) then we can definitely help you. Here at cash4coins we’ll count and sort your foreign currency and provide you with a valuation offer to buy your coins. If you accept then we pay you directly – and in the event that you don’t accept our offer then we will return your coins free of charge.

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.  It really has never been easier to get some of the best fundraising ideas around and to get easy money into your charity account.

This is why organising a foreign coin collection is one of the best fundraising ideas – it’s fast, simple and effective. Contact us today for some free help and advice on how to organise a fundraising coin collection.