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Counterfeit British Coin Guide

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Counterfeit coin guide – how to spot a fake

Counterfeit £1 coins are becoming a huge problem in the UK with an estimated 3% of all £1 coins now thought to be fake. This would mean that there are £44 million pounds (yes, that’s 44 million pound coins) in circulation. Indeed, you may have received fake coins in your change from a store and been worried about spending them. The problem is huge and it can become harder and harder to spot the fake coins.

With this many coins floating around it’s highly likely that you’ve had a few counterfeit £1 coins – but how do you spot them?

According to the Royal Mint it’s important that you check your change and if you spot a fake coin then ask for a replacement immediately. However if you don’t notice the dud coin until later the advice is to take it to a Police station. This helps the Police spot trends in counterfeiting in certain areas and ultimately helps prevent it.

The sophistication of counterfeit coins varies and the methods employed by forgers varies, however here is a simple guide to help you spot the most common mistakes.

Dates and designs

Each year the design of reverse side of the £1 coin is changed and so date of the coin should match the design for that year.

Coin quality

Real £1 coins will lose a bit of their shine and lustre after they have been in general circulation for a while. Some of the fake coins don’t lose their shine and can appear not to show signs of age.


The orientation of the designs on both sides of the coin should be aligned when turned round.

Edge Lettering

The inscription on the edge of a real coin will always correspond to the year date of the coin. Usually, with counterfeits the milled edge of the coin will be badly defined with the lettering uneven or spaced incorrectly.

What do you do if you have a fake coin.

Using any counterfeit coins is illegal. If you have a fake coin or suspect that a coin is fake you should hand in to your local police station.

More information on counterfeit coins can be found on the Royal Mint website. 

At Cash4Coins we have a vast knowledge of the coins that are in circulation and those that are no longer legal tender. Whether you have lots of old British or Irish currency at home or you are a charity wanting to exchange foreign coins for Sterling or another currency, we can help.  Of course, we cannot help you with your fake coins but we can help you with those legal coins you have collecting dust at home.

It’s easy to send us your coins and if you have in excess of 10kg of coins waiting to be exchanged we can even pick these up from you free of charge! That’s a great service.  We will also count and sort them for you.  Once our team has counted your coins we will send you a no obligation valuation to consider at your leisure.

Foreign Coin History

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin history

Foreign coin history is an interesting subject as they were the earliest form of money and have survived the test of time to be still used today. Despite credit and debit cards accounting for a huge amount of transactions (especially online) the humble coin still plays an important part in our day-to-day monetary system.

In the Western World it’s estimated that coins were invented around 700 BC – it’s thought that they were originated in Aegina Island. Coins nowadays are quite complex in their make-up however early coins were also made up of a number of combined metals such as electrum combined with silver and copper. Electrum itself is a light yellow coloured metal that contains a mix of both silver and gold.

Roman and Greek coins are very popular with collectors. The Byzantine Empire was prolific when it came to coin production, their coins would depict emperors and the Christian cross.

When it comes to foreign coins that were cast instead of hammered then we can go all the way back to the 11th Century to see samples. Tong Bei coins was commonplace with the Han Dynasty and the Warring States Period.

It’s interesting to note that in the same way that different animals had different ‘trade’ values (such as a cow being worth more than a chicken) then this was mirrored in the production of some coins. Some early coins for example were shaped the same as various animals (such as a cow).

As with many foreign coins today they are and were predominantly round, however there were a few that were square in shape. It was also common for many coins to have a hole in the middle so they could be threaded on a piece of string. This you can still see today with some Asian coins and coins from the Nordic region.

Gold and silver features heavily throughout the history of foreign coins, from the colour that we see today through to some coins containing various levels of these precious metals. The earliest pure gold and silver coins date back to the 7th Century and are the gold Dinar and silver Dirham.

Interestingly the most valuable gold coin in the world is the 1933 Gold Double Eagle which sold for an incredible $7.5 million back in 2002. This coins has a very interesting history on it’s own and you can read more here:

For many of us who go abroad or accept foreign coins as part of a business or charity then you’ll know that they can’t be changed at a bank. However, we offer a fast, efficient and easy way to exchange foreign coins. If you have any foreign or old coins that you’d like to exchange then please go to our page ‘How to send us coins‘.  We make it simple and fast to get your coins changed and we even sort and count them for you saving you even more time.  We give you the service that the bank won’t and we would be delighted to give you assistance with your leftover coins.

Easy Way To Change Euro Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Fast and easy way to exchange euro coins from the UKs No1

If you’re looking for an easy way to change Euro coins and unwanted foreign currency, then Cash4Coins can help. We have a team of fully trained staff who are always on hand to answer all of your questions and assist you with any ideas you may have for raising funds for charities, organisations or just cashing in your holiday money!

Many people will find lots of unwanted foreign currency and out of date currency lying around the house and are perhaps unsure of what to do with it. Most banks will not exchange the loose change due to the high costs they incur in doing so. That can be a bit of a shock when you have spent time counting and sorting your coins only to be told by the bank teller that your money is no good there!

The good news is that Cash4Coins will be very happy to exchange your Euro coins for you. We can exchange any currency into Sterling for you or indeed into any other currency of your choice. We offer preferential rates and if you send us your coins today you could have money in your bank account or PayPal account before you know it!

Our procedure is very straight forward and really is the easy way to change Euro coins and loose foreign change. Once you have collected together your unwanted coins you simply send them to us at Cash4Coins where they will be counted and recounted to ensure you receive maximum value for them. We will then send you an offer and once you accept the offer we have a very fast and efficient payment method, which can either be paid via BAC’s Paypal or Cheque.

What’s more if you are not entirely satisfied with the offer we make we will return the coins at no cost to yourself.

What coins we accept:

All foreign coins and notes
All Euro coins and notes
Pre-Euro coins and notes
Old Irish coins
Old British coins
Pre-decimal coins

To see what our customers say about us then go to our comments page. And if you’d like to send us coins today then go to our ‘How to send us coins‘ page.  We have helped countless people in the UK and abroad to make use of their once useless coins. Whether you are in the US and stuck with lots of British currency or you need an easy way to change Euro coins after a European trip, our team is always happy to assist.

So if you are looking for an easy way to change Euro coins contact us today and let us help you change your unwanted coins into cash.  We make the process so easy and you can drop your coins off at many of our local outlets. We give you the service that the banks won’t and our team is standing by now to accept, sort and count your coins for you today.  Don’t let those coins go to waste when you could have the money in your bank account.

Change German Deutsche Marks

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Change German Deutsche Marks into cash today!

Since Germany changed from the Deutsche Mark to the Euro there has been a surplus of Marks in circulation that have not been changed into cash. There are many people in the UK and Europe who have lots of unwanted foreign coins and currency including German Marks that they cannot exchange because banks do not accept foreign coins and low denomination notes. Even bureau de change operations and shops don’t accept foreign coins.

This means that there are many people who want to change German Deutsche Marks into cash but simply can’t. This means that there are thousands of pounds worth of old German currency that is going to waste.  If you know you have lots of German currency that you cannot spend, why not let Cash4Coins help you?  We have years of experience in exchanging German Deutsche Marks and can change them into any currency of your choice.

However, here at Cash4Coins we change German Deutsche Marks back into Sterling which means that you can now exchange those old German Marks back into usable cash! In fact we will exchange any foreign coins or notes – we will even exchange old UK coins and old Irish coins back into Sterling.

The process is fast, easy and secure and that’s why we are the UKs No 1 in exchanging foreign coins. All you need do is download our form on the page ‘how to send us coins‘ and enclose it with your currency. The great news is that if you have more than 5KGs of coins we’ll even collect using our secure national couriers for FREE. Once we have received your coins we’ll count and sort them then make you an offer to buy. If you accept then we’ll make payment either directly to your bank, via PayPal or cheque. In the event that you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins FREE of charge – so there is nothing to lose!

These are just a few reasons why people change German Deutsche Marks with us at Cash4Coins. We exchange German Marks for private individuals, charities, hospitals, airlines, retail operations, schools and clubs – if you want to see what our customers are saying about us then please take a look at our customer comments page.

If you’d like to change German Deutsche Marks then please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.  We have helped so many people to make the most of their available money by exchanging the foreign coins they have at home that would otherwise be going to waste. Our process is so simple – you send us your coins, we count and sort them and then we send you our no obligation valuation. If you would like to accept our valuation we will deposit the money in your bank account as quickly as possible.  We can pay by BACS and we can also deposit the money owing to you into your PayPal account.  It really is that simple!  Take a look at Cash4Coins today and see how much money you could make through our handy foreign coin exchange service.

Best Ways To Change Euro Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Cash4Coins offers the best ways to change Euro coin

A foreign currency exchange is one of the best ways to change euro coins and here at Cash4Coins that is exactly what we do. We can convert and exchange all of your unwanted euros and foreign currency that you have lying around the house, which the banks will not exchange due to the costs it incurs when repatriating the money.

At Cash4Coins we offer a service that is second to none and which has helped our customers to make use of leftover currency and also out of date currency such as old British 50p coins. If you missed the cut off point for this old currency you will be pleased to know that we can change this for you.  It’s all part of our service and we even count and sort it for you too!  Why not club together with friends and family to see how many Euro coins you can get together. We do change any currency however so if you have French Francs, Deutsch Marks or any other currency you want to make use of, you can send it to us at the same time.

We pride ourselves on our very fast and efficient service that we provide to all of our clients and the very competitive rates of exchange on your currency that we offer. Cash4Coins are always on hand to advise and help with any queries regarding the best ways to change euro coins and all your currency, we will even exchange out of date sterling and old Irish currency.

The process is really very simple, once you have sent your currency to us, our team of specialists will count and then recount the money, we will then contact you with an offer and once you accept you will receive your money with our very quick payment procedure. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with the offer we make, we will return the currency to you at no expense to yourself. What’s more if you have a collection of coins and it weighs over 5KGs, Cash4Coins will collect it free of charge by courier.

If you’d like to send us coins today then go to our page ‘How to send us coins – if you want to see what our customers say about us then look at our customer comments page.

So if you are searching for the best ways to change euro coins or foreign currency, contact our team for more information, we are always happy to hear from you and help with your queries.  We have been providing our service for years and we are waiting to help you make sure of your leftover currency or old British or Irish coins now.  It really couldn’t be easier to make a little extra money and with our local collection points we make it easy for you to send your coins to us too.  If your coins weigh over 10KG we will send our secure courier to pick them up from you totally FREE of charge.  That’s outstanding service we think you will agree!

Hospital Fundraising Ideas

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Super fast and simple hospital fundraising ideas…

Here at Cash4coins we receive a lot of enquiries regarding hospital fundraising ideas. We have assisted many hospitals in the UK raise the much needed funds they are looking for by exchanging unwanted currency that they have collected.  Arranging a foreign coin donation is a great way of making money with the least amount of effort and you won’t need to spend any of your money on this type of fundraising.  Simply set up a clearly marked coin collection area and you are ready to go!

You’ll be surprised how many people have lots of foreign and old coins at home just sitting doing nothing useful, but thanks to Cash4Coins and our hospital fundraising ideas, you can now make use of these coins and put them to good use around your hospital.  New equipment, training for staff or new books for your children’s ward – these are just some of the things our hospital customers have spent their converted cash on.

Our team offers a service second to none when it comes to exchanging foreign currency. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure you’re collection is a successful one. We offer FREE help and advice and have organised very successful foreign coin collections for a number of large NHS trusts and hospitals who have raised thousands of pounds in revenue.

Once your collection is complete you simply send it to us, we will then count and recount it, in order to ensure you receive the maximum value for your currency. What’s more if your currency weighs over 5kg’s Cash4 coins will arrange for the coins to be collected free of charge. Go to our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

To see just how good our service is please check out our customer comments page.  We have helped many of our customers to get the best from their fundraising events through the donation of foreign coins and we could do the same for you.  Many people do not know that they can change foreign coins for Sterling as it is not a service the banks offer.  That’s what makes us so unique and convenient and our team is standing by right now to count and sort your coins.

Many large groups and charities are now organising currency collections within their organisations very successfully. It works especially well and is one of the best hospital fundraising ideas due to the amount of visitors passing through the doors each day that the appeal can go to. There is so much unwanted currency that people have stashed away in their homes that is just going to waste, so it’s a great way to make use of it.

Our team are always available to help with hospital fundraising ideas so give us a call today. There really is nothing to lose. If you’re not happy with the offer we make for you’re currency we will even return you’re collection to you free of charge. Call today for more information or e-mail us at

Exchange US Dollars

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange US Dollars for Pounds Sterling or Euros

With all the thousands of people who travel to the USA for holidays and business there are now lots of US Dollars and cents that are brought back to the UK and never exchanged into Sterling. This is because UK Banks will NOT exchange low denomination currency and in particular foreign coins back into Sterling. This is down to the huge expense in counting, sorting and repatriating the currency.

However, here at Cash 4 Coins we will exchange US Dollars and cents back into sterling for you. The service is very fast and simple – you package up your US Dollar notes and coins and post them to us, we count and sort them and e-mail you a valuation. If you are happy with this (you can decline and have the dollars and cents returned) then we will then pay you electronically into your bank account or PayPal account if you prefer – it really is that simple to exchange US dollars into Sterling.

You can see our step by step guide to how it works on our web page ‘How to send us coins‘.  It really couldn’t be easier for you to exchange US dollars and thanks to our many local drop off points, you can simply drop off your coins and leave us to do the rest. If your coin collection is over 10KG (you never know, it might be!) we will arrange for our secure courier to come and collect your coins from you absolutely FREE of charge!  So why not see what US currency you have lying around.  If you are lucky enough to go on many US business trips or holidays you are bound to have lots of coins and notes hanging around.  Check in purses, suitcases, pockets and drawers and you’ll be surprised what you can find.

In addition to our service for US Dollars we’ll exchange all foreign coins and currency. We’ll also change the old pre-decimal coins and well as the old British and Irish coins.

We exchange coins for hospitals, schools, charities, clubs, businesses, airports and attractions – as well as for lots of private individuals looking to cash in their coins.  Don’t try to change these coins up at your local bank because this is not a service they have to offer.  Instead, send your coins to the experts at Cash4Coins and we will be happy to do the rest.  We don’t even need you to sort or count your coins as we do that for you.  Then, in a matter of days, you could have the exchanged money in your bank or PayPal account. That’s money that you might not have used otherwise.

Many people will club together with friend and colleagues to organise a fundraising coin collection – and as we accept ANY NOTES AND COINS in any denomination or currency then you can turn those worthless coins back into cash! If you’d like to exchange US Dollars, cents or any currency then please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Exchange Swiss Francs

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange Swiss Francs into Pounds Sterling or Euros…

If you have left over Swiss Francs that you can’t change into Sterling then use our service at Cash 4 Coins. We exchange Swiss Francs back into £GBP – our service is fast and easy to use and you get to change that unwanted currency into useful Sterling!

To see just how simple it is please take a loom at the simple step by step guide on the page ‘How to send us your coins‘  Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to exchange Swiss Francs into Sterling or the currency they desire. We can also change Euros into Sterling and old British coins into US dollars.  The choice really is yours!

The bank will obviously not change obsolete coins into Sterling or any other currency for you, but we can.  For the banks, this is a huge logistical undertaking and not really worth their while, but because we specialise in the exchange of Swiss Francs and many other currencies we are always happy to help.  In fact, our team has a vast knowledge of coins in circulation now and also those that are no longer legal tender.  Whether you have old Swiss Francs or obsolete British or Irish coins, we can help you to make use of this otherwise useless money.

As you’d imagine the Swiss Franc is the currency of Switzerland but not many people know that it’s also the currency of Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is also allowed to mint it’s own coins, however this is only usually done for special occasions and commemorations. The Swiss Franc has traditionally been on of the worlds most stable currencies to to the fact that 40% of the currency in general circulation is covered by gold reserves.

The Swiss Franc was unregulated up until half way through the 19th century and was often perceived as complex and variable. This is because many areas within the country produced their own versions of the coins as well as private banks producing their own banknotes.

Many people have collected various foreign coins and banknotes over the years from holidays and work trips abroad – UK Banks will not change the coins back into Sterling so people are left with unused and worthless foreign currency sat in a ‘change jar’ or ‘junk drawer’. However our service will liberate your unwanted coins and turn them into cold hard cash! We work with all currencies and will exchange Swiss Francs, Euro coins and notes, US and Canadian Dollars, Krona, Pesetas and in fact any currency.

So if you’ve collected a load of Swiss Francs from trips to Switzerland and want to get some money for them then use our foreign currency buying service. We will exchange Swiss Francs and turn them into £ for you.  Why not take a look around your home now or club together with friends and family to exchange Swiss Francs in the most convenient way possible.  Turn this worthless metal into money in the bank that you can use!

Old Irish Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange old Irish coins and British coins into sterling today.

Like many people you may have a collection of old Irish coins lurking around the cupboards, loft or back of the sofa. And like many people you may think that these old coins may not have any value… but this is where you could be wrong!

Here at Cash 4 Coins we exchange old Irish coins as well as old British currency (such as pre-decimal and decimal coins) back into Sterling. Our service is fast, simple and secure and before you know it you could have exchanged your old Irish currency into cash!

What coins do we accept?

All old Irish coins and notes
All old British coins and notes
Pre-decimal coins and notes
All foreign coins
All pre-Euro coins and notes

All you need do is package up and send us your coins (for collections over 5kg we will collect FREE of Charge). Once we receive them we send a receipt to you and then sort and count the currency. Once this is complete we then e-mail you an offer to purchase the old Irish coins and if you accept we then send payment direct to your bank account. It really is that simple!

We have a number of convenient drop off points that you can use and we only charge a small fee for using these if your coins weigh under 5kg.  It really is the most effective and efficient way for you to change up your coins as the banks will not offer this type of service. Old Irish coins are no problem and we can also exchange old British coins if you have a collection of these lying around.  Keep a couple for old times’ sake and send the rest to us!  Our friendly and helpful team will sort, count and value your coins and if you agree to their valuation you could have your money in the bank within a couple of days!  We can transfer your money into your PayPal or bank account or you can also nominate a charity you would like to donate your money to.

And in the event that you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins back to you at our expense… so there is no risk. This is why we are the leading coin exchange business in the UK.

To send us your old irish coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.

If you’d like to speak to us about exchanging old Irish coins and notes or would like some FREE help and advice on how to organise a collection for charity then we’d be only too pleased to help.  We have helped countless customers to make use of this money and we would be delighted to help you too.  And remember, you are under no obligation to accept our offer.  If you are not happy, and we think you will be, we will simply send you back your coins free of charge!

Church Fundraising Ideas

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

One of the best church fundraising ideas…

We receive a lot of enquiries from congregations all over the UK, looking for church fundraising ideas, to help raise much needed cash for their church’s cause.  The problems many of our customers have is that the banks do not want to change up their foreign coins because it simply is not worth their while to do so. So, whilst the banks are chasing the big league money exchanges, Cash4Coins focuses on changing up your spare coins and leftover currency.  We provide the service that the bank can’t and can help you to make use of your coins.

Here at Cash4coins we provide a very fast and effective service to all of our customers and help them turn unwanted foreign currency into cash, cash that the banks simply won’t exchange due to the high costs they incur in doing so.  We also have our fundraising team on standby to give you lots of fundraising ideas for your church.  Whether you are saving for a new roof (isn’t every church doing that at some point or another?) or you need new hymn books, we can help you to raise the money you need through foreign coin donations.  We can also exchange British and Irish currency that is no longer in circulation.

One of the best church fundraising ideas is to arrange a collection within your parish of all your members unwanted currency that they have lying around at home. Cash4coins will then collect the currency (if it weighs over a certain weight then it’s for free). Otherwise you can send it to our address where it will be counted and recounted by our team of specialists to ensure that you get the maximum value available.

To send us coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.  We make it easier than anybody else to change up your leftover currency and old coins.  Take a look around at home and ask your congregation to do the same.  At your next service, why not advertise that you are going to be passing round a foreign coin collection plate as well as the usual one?  This can be a great way to raise more money for your church.

Once you have accepted our offer we then have a very swift, easy and secure payment procedure that can either be paid by BACS, Paypal or Cheque, it really couldn’t be simpler. Our service is completely risk free, what’s more if you are not entirely happy with the offer we make for your currency we will return the coins at our expense – so there really is nothing to lose.

We have already helped many large Charities and organisations raise much needed cash for their cause. We would love to hear from you at Cash4coins, to assist you with your church fundraising ideas and provide you with foreign coin solutions. Call us today for more information or e-mail us at