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5 ways to spend leftover foreign coins

Help for impoverished students…!

OK, you’re a poor student and you’ve pretty much spent all your foreign coins on your holiday in the sun. However, you get to the airport and shock horror…. You find some pesky foreign coins left in the deepest darkest recesses of your pockets. If you take them back home you can’t exchange them at any bank so you’d be stuck with them. So what can you do..?

Here are a few great ways to leverage the last bit of value from them.

1. Make a call

It’s not very exciting but it may be a great way to get rid of some of the foreign coins. Maybe you want to call ahead and confirm your lift or (even better) call the new friends you’ve just made on your hols.

2. Get yourself a book

If nothing else most airports have a decent place to buy a book so you could spend those last few coins on one. The good news is that when you’ve finished the book you can always sell it after or exchange it towards another book.

3. Treat yourself to a snack

Now you’ve got a bit of spare wedge you may want to splash out on some street food or a tasty snack on the way to the airport. If you’re suffering from (ah-hem) dehydration then you may want to save it to buy some water on the plane.

4. Taxi

OK, a taxi is usually a bit extravagant but if you’ve got some leftover foreign coins then why not use them to travel in style and get a cab to the airport. Even better of there are a bunch of you – you can all club together.

5. Exchange your foreign coins in the UK

So you’re back home and you still have some foreign coins leftover from your hols. You tried to spend them all but there are still a few lurking around. As banks won’t exchange them you’re stuck with them…. Right?

Wrong..! Here at Cash4Coins we exchange all foreign coins and notes for cash. The process is simple, fast and easy and you get great rates and instant payment. Contact us today and let us turn student woe in to happiness!!!!

We can change any foreign coin into lovely Sterling for you, ready to spend as you wish. And if you have more foreign coins lurking at home, even better! It’s a great way of making some extra cash and we will do all the hard work for you.  We tell you how to send us your coins and it couldn’t be easier.  We have lots of local drop offs that you can use to send us your coins through and if you have over 10kg of coins (you never know!) we will arrange our secure courier service to pick them up completely free of charge!

So the next time you are a little short of cash, take a look at your foreign coin collection to see if you have any left over foreign coins you can send to us. We would be delighted to exchange them for cold hard cash!


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