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There are literally thousands of people who have unused and unwanted foreign coins and notes lying around the house or office that are going to waste. This money could be being used but for the fact that UK banks will not exchange foreign coins into Sterling because of the huge cost involved in sorting, counting and shipping the coinage back to the country of origin.

Well, where the banks won’t help, Cash4Coins will.  We believe that everybody in the UK should have the ability and right to turn their useless foreign currency into money they can use.  If you are looking to change your euro coins into GBP, we can help and we have been helping customers for years in fact.  You may have already tried your bank or building society with no luck and been told that no service will exchange your Euro coins into pounds.

However, at Cash4Coins we change Euro coins back into GBP – turning your leftover foreign currency back into spendable cash! All you have to do is simply package up your currency (for quantities over 5KG then call us as we will collect) and send to us.

We then check each coin and will provide you with a valuation for your consignment. If you are happy with this then we’ll then send you payment. And in the event that you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return your coins at our expense. So why not change euro coins today with Cash4Coins? You don’t have to sort or count your coins.  Simply send them to us and we will do the rest.  We have helped countless customers to enjoy their money and we could do the same for you.

Many of our customers will get together with friends or colleagues and organise a charity collection and then donate the proceeds to their local charity, school or club – it’s a great way to quickly raise money. And for businesses it’s a great way to help monetise cashflow – especially if you receive a lot of Euro coins.  For example, many of our customers are airlines looking to exchange their foreign coin collections into pounds that their chosen charities can use easily. It’s a great way for us to help and a great way for airline passengers to put a little something back.

We are the trusted foreign coin exchange in the UK and our customers will agree. You can check out what people are saying about us on our customer comments page or join in the conversation on Facebook. Whatever you decide, we’d be only too pleased to help you.

So, to change Euro coins simply contact us here at (Tel: 0161 635 0000) or if you want to send us your coins then go to our page: How to send us coins.  We make the process so quick and simple that you’ll use us whenever you have leftover currency.  Don’t try to spend your surplus Euros on tacky items in Duty Free.  Change your euro coins using the convenient Cash4Coins service.

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