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Church Fundraising Ideas

One of the best church fundraising ideas…

We receive a lot of enquiries from congregations all over the UK, looking for church fundraising ideas, to help raise much needed cash for their church’s cause.  The problems many of our customers have is that the banks do not want to change up their foreign coins because it simply is not worth their while to do so. So, whilst the banks are chasing the big league money exchanges, Cash4Coins focuses on changing up your spare coins and leftover currency.  We provide the service that the bank can’t and can help you to make use of your coins.

Here at Cash4coins we provide a very fast and effective service to all of our customers and help them turn unwanted foreign currency into cash, cash that the banks simply won’t exchange due to the high costs they incur in doing so.  We also have our fundraising team on standby to give you lots of fundraising ideas for your church.  Whether you are saving for a new roof (isn’t every church doing that at some point or another?) or you need new hymn books, we can help you to raise the money you need through foreign coin donations.  We can also exchange British and Irish currency that is no longer in circulation.

One of the best church fundraising ideas is to arrange a collection within your parish of all your members unwanted currency that they have lying around at home. Cash4coins will then collect the currency (if it weighs over a certain weight then it’s for free). Otherwise you can send it to our address where it will be counted and recounted by our team of specialists to ensure that you get the maximum value available.

To send us coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.  We make it easier than anybody else to change up your leftover currency and old coins.  Take a look around at home and ask your congregation to do the same.  At your next service, why not advertise that you are going to be passing round a foreign coin collection plate as well as the usual one?  This can be a great way to raise more money for your church.

Once you have accepted our offer we then have a very swift, easy and secure payment procedure that can either be paid by BACS, Paypal or Cheque, it really couldn’t be simpler. Our service is completely risk free, what’s more if you are not entirely happy with the offer we make for your currency we will return the coins at our expense – so there really is nothing to lose.

We have already helped many large Charities and organisations raise much needed cash for their cause. We would love to hear from you at Cash4coins, to assist you with your church fundraising ideas and provide you with foreign coin solutions. Call us today for more information or e-mail us at

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