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Donating foreign coins for charity

Most charities across the UK are unfortunately experiencing a drop in donations. This is not surprisingly due to the current financial climate. But there is a way to donate coins for charity without it having to cost you a penny. OK, what’s the catch we hear you saying – well, there isn’t one!

The answer is simple – donate your unwanted foreign coins for charity.  It really couldn’t be easier. Whether you are a volunteer for a charity or you would like us to donate the money you make from your foreign coins, cash4coins does all the hard work for you.  We will even sort and count your foreign coins saving you the effort of doing it yourself.  And if your coins are over a certain weight, we will even send our courier to collect them.

The easiest way to donate your foreign coins to the charity of your choice!

Donating foreign coins for charity is a great way to make a little extra money for a worthwhile cause. We have also helped schools, hospitals and museums to bring in a little extra cash through foreign coin donations.  What’s more, we have a specialist fundraising team on standby who can tell you more about the coins for charity fundraising ideas we have shared and the success they have had.  Our team would be delighted to tell you more and you can also read some of the fabulous comments from our previous customers on our comments page.

Across the UK today there are millions of pounds worth of foreign coins and notes that are going to waste. This is because banks won’t exchange foreign coins and some low denomination notes back into Sterling. The only choice you have is to take the currency back to the country of origin. A lot of us also have old coins and notes that are out of circulation such as Spanish Pesetas and German Marks that can’t be spent or exchanged. Furthermore many people also have old British and Irish coins as well as pre-decimal coins and notes.

So instead of this foreign currency just sitting there why don’t you donate it to charity? We work with lots of UK charities to exchange foreign coins and notes for them… giving them a valuable source of income. This helps to close the gap between the drop in donations that many are experiencing.

What coins for charity do we accept?

All foreign coins and notes
All pre-Euro coins and notes
Damaged and commemorative notes and coins
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre-decimal currency


If you are a fundraiser then accepting foreign coins for charity is a fantastic way to increase funds. We can help advise you on the best way to organise a collection to make your a big success. This is why we are the most customer recommended service in the UK and trusted by charities both large and small. To see how we can help you please contact us.  Our friendly team is standing by right now to assist!

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