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If you are looking for a company that will change Euro coins then contact us today!

Are you looking for a company that will change euro coins? Maybe you are at a loss as to how to get the value from all of the unwanted foreign and out of date currency you have accumulated over the years. Unfortunately none of the high street banks will exchange foreign coins due to the high costs they incur in repatriating the money… which is where we come in…!

Cash4Coins are the best company that will change euro coins and all of your unwanted foreign currency. We offer very competitive rates on your money and provide a service which is second to none. It couldn’t be easier, you simply send your coins to us where they will be counted and sorted to ensure you gain maximum value from them.

Why not club together with friends and family to see how many Euro coins you can come up with?  Make it a competition.  If you have been on many European holidays you will be amazed at how many Euro coins you have knocking around. Look in drawers, change wallets, passport wallets, suitcases and other likely places to see how many coins you can get together.

As a leading company that will change Euro coins we are delighted about the good words our customers have to say about us. We can exchange any currency and we will do so quickly and at you convenience. And if you are not delighted with the valuation we give you, we will simply send you back all of your coins FREE of charge.

We will then make you an offer and once you accept you will receive a fast payment from us either by BAC’s, Paypal or cheque. What’s more if you are not entirely satisfied with the offer we make we will return the coins at our own expense. This is our satisfaction guarantee.

If your coins weigh over a certain weight we also collect the coins for FREE – see ‘how to send us coins‘ for full details.  Remember, the banks will not change your Euro coins for you.  It is not cost effective for them to do so, but because we are a company that will change Euro coins as a speciality service, you can be confident you will not experience that problem.

You can see just how good our service is by checking out our customer comments page. Where you’ll see lots of people just like you who are ‘over the moon’ with our valuations and customer service.  We have assisted charities, schools, museums and hospitals with our coin exchange service helping them to turn foreign coin donations into money they could use.

So if you are looking for a reliable company that will change euro coins then contact us today for more information. Our team are always on hand for a chat and to offer advise and the best ways to make your collections a bug success.

If you’d like to send us coins today then go to ‘How to send us coins‘.

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