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How to Exchange Euro Coins to USD – If you live in the USA and have been on a business trip or holiday to Europe you’ll most likely have some Euro coins left over. For a lot of people these coins are just thrown into a junk drawer or change jar never to see the light of day again!

Or perhaps you are a UK citizen with a large collection of Euro coins looking to exchange them to dollars in preparation for a US trip.  Whatever the reason, Cash 4 Coins can help. We can exchange any Euro coins to USD and we’ll do so quickly and easily. You don’t need to count or sort your coins as we do the hard work for you.  Simply send us your coins and our hard working team will do the rest.

This is because US Banks will not exchange Euro coins to USD – the reason for this is because of the huge logistical costs involved in counting, sorting and then shipping the Euro coins back to the central bank in Europe. This means that thousands of Americans have Euro coins lying around going to waste!

Here at Cash4Coins we exchange Euro coins to USD! In fact we’ll exchange any currency including British pounds – so if you have any foreign coins that you want changing into US Dollars then let us change it for you.

Our service is fast and simple and every year we help lots of American citizens change their unwanted Euro coins back into US Dollars. All you have to do is send us your Euro coins, we then count and sort it and send you a valuation offer. If you accept this then we then send you a payment directly to your bank (or via PayPal if you prefer) – it really is that simple.

And, in the event that you don’t accept our offer then we’ll send your coins right back at our expense – so there is no risk.

So why not get together with friends or colleagues and get a whole bunch of coins together to change into US Dollars. It’s a great way to raise money as well….

To exchange Euro coins to USD please go to our page on ‘How to Send Us Coins‘ We make the process so easy and we have helped so many happy US and UK people to get the most from their money.  Think about what you could potentially do with that extra money. A meal out, a few excursions or simply buying loved ones some gifts on your return journey – our currency exchange service gives you more money in your pocket – money that you can spend right away.

If you’d like any help or advice from our team then please contact us. If you’d like general info on various Euro coin facts and figures then please take a look here.  We are always updating our blog and our website with the latest currency exchange information so that you get the best deals and the best service.


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