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Exchange foreign banknotes and coins for Sterling today!

We exchange foreign banknotes, foreign coins and any foreign currency and exchange it in to Sterling. This also includes old pre-decimal banknotes, notes that are out of circulation and stuff like old Irish and Scottish banknotes.

If you are lucky enough to be left with foreign banknotes following a recent holiday or you have been paid in foreign currency and need to change it for Sterling, we can help.  We can help especially if you have lots of low denomination bank notes and coins as the banks usually only like to deal with the higher amounts. At Cash4Coins we offer a service to individuals, companies and charities looking to exchange foreign banknotes easily and quickly online.

UK banks have minimum handling charges which means that they will not exchange some smaller denomination foreign banknotes and you end up with leftover currency that you cannot spend! Here at cash4coins we exchange foreign banknotes and change them for Sterling which means that the foreign currency that you have will not go to waste.

We can pay you directly for your foreign banknotes or put it towards a charity of your choice. We pay for foreign banknotes via cheque or BACS payment directly into your bank account so the sooner you dig out those unwanted foreign banknotes and foreign coins the sooner we can pay you for them!

The process to exchange foreign banknotes is very simple.

1. You send us your old banknotes (and coins). We will collect for FREE if they weigh more than 5kg (see ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details).

2. We inspect, assess and count all the currency.

3. We pay you – it’s that easy. In the event that you don’t accept our offer of valuation then we’ll return your foreign banknotes and coins FREE of charge. (This is our 100% guarantee)

We assess each consignment separately and then accurately sort and collate the foreign currency using state of the art equipment. We pay excellent rates for foreign banknotes so don’t delay and send us yours today – you may even want to organise a collection with your friends and family or for your local school, charity or hospital. Just think what you could do with that extra money – you could buy extra equipment, arrange a night out or simply pop the money into the bank for when you need it in the future.  We make it so easy to exchange foreign coins and we have helped many of our customers to make use of their otherwise useless money.

At Cash4Coins we believe you should be able to make use of your money no matter where it originated from or how many foreign bank notes or coins you would like to exchange.  And remember, we do all the hard work for you and can even collect your coins and notes for FREE if they weigh a certain amount.  We have helped many people to make the most of their spare foreign currency and we can do the same for you today. If you’d like any further information on how to exchange foreign banknotes then please contact us.

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