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Despite being out of circulation for over a decade, Irish punts are still to be found in jars, safes and drawers in homes and businesses all over the UK. As these coins and notes cannot be changed at bureaux de change, many of these collections have been gathering dust since the introduction of the Euro.

But did you know there’s an easy, proven and guaranteed way to exchange Irish Punts, with the best rates in the UK guaranteed every time?  Sending your currency to Cash4coins is the UK’s preferred way of turning outdated currency into cash for any purpose.

Getting paid for your Punts couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your coins and notes, and we’ll quickly process and value them. Accept our valuation, and we pay instantly. Decline for any reason, and we’ll return your coins to you in full, at our own expense.

There’s no catch, just an easy and guaranteed way to exchange Irish Punts for ready cash.

We’ve worked hard to earn your trust

When you’re dealing with money, you’re right to be on your guard. There will always be cowboys out there waiting to rip you off, so you need to know you’re dealing with a professional, established, reputable and trusted company. But how?

Here’s where we make it easy for you. We’re trusted by thousands of customers every year to exchange Irish Punts and other foreign currencies, offering nothing short of the best rates in the UK with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

With a long list of small and large businesses, individuals, charities, hospitals, schools and more on our books, we’re your premier choice in the UK for a fast, reliable and unbeatable service for both value and customer care.

And if you want to know what our other customers have to say about us, we’ve made that easy, too – we’ve published their feedback right here on this site.

The best rates in the UK when you exchange Irish Punts – guaranteed

We won’t be beaten on price anywhere in the UK – that’s a fact and a promise. But here at Cash4Coins we’re about more than just value, we’re all about the service, too. Which is why every step of the process you go through to exchange Irish Punts – or any currency – is perfectly adapted to your needs.

There are three easy ways to get your coins and notes to us, depending on the size of your collection. If it’s more than 5Kg, we’ll come and collect it free of charge. Smaller collections can be dropped off securely and conveniently at one of our handy local drop-off locations. With more than 4,500 venues to choose from, you won’t have to travel far. If your collection is under 750g, you may choose to use Royal Mail’s recorded delivery.

Whatever method you choose, your parcel will be tracked through every stage, and you reserve the right to either accept our offer for instant payment, or should you decline, your coins returned to you in full at our own expense.

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