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We guarantee the best rates in the UK when you exchange Swiss Franc coins

If you’ve got a collection of Swiss franc coins or notes stashed away in a jar or a drawer somewhere, you’ve probably been wondering what to do with them for the last 10 years or so…

Whether they’re left over from a holiday, business trip or fund-raiser, you may have tried and failed to exchange Swiss franc coins at the bank or bureaux de change. You may even have resigned yourself to having lost whatever value they once held.

Did you know that Cash4Coins still accepts Swiss franc coins and notes, and offers you the best rates in the whole of the UK – guaranteed – with a simple system that promises instant payment, and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We take the service we offer seriously, and if you don’t like our valuation of your coins, or think it’s not right, we’ll return your coins to you in full and at our own cost.

Trusted to deliver great value and service by thousands of other customers

When you need to exchange Swiss franc coins, it’s important to find a company you can trust to give you not only good value, but a transparent and honest service – exactly like the one we offer here at Cash4Coins.

Did you know that we’re the trusted exchange partner for a wide range of individuals and companies throughout the UK, including well-known brands, charities, hospitals, family businesses and schools?

Our combination of a full guarantee on every aspect of our service, and secure, fast processing of your currency means we’re perfectly placed to exchange Swiss franc coins and notes in any quantity.

There’s no catch, no small print, and no hidden surprises. Just a superior service that’s trusted by customers like you every day.

Exchange Swiss franc coins – get instant payment

We’ve created three secure and easy ways for you to send us your coins. For large collections over 5Kg we offer free collection from your home or business.

For collections of less than 5Kg, we offer a network of over 4,500 authorised drop-off locations. On arrival your coins will be logged, identified and sent to our main office by tracked courier. We then count and process your coins – and notes – before sending you an offer, which if you accept, results in instant payment.

Alternatively, for collections weighing less than 750g you send your currency direct to us by Royal Mail recorded delivery.

Whichever method you choose, you are assured of a completely secure process, in which all parcels are tracked, and all coins are fully accounted for.

We’re proud of the trust we’ve built with our existing customers, and regularly receive excellent feedback from new and repeat customers. We even publish your comments right here on this site.

Remember, if you accept our valuation, we pay instantly; if you decline, we return your coins in full at our own expense.

There’s no catch, just a simple, fast and 100% satisfaction-guaranteed service.

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