Fundraising For Remembrance Day – Help Our Heroes With A Foreign Coin Donation

Fundraising with a foreign coin donation for remembrance day can be a great way to help our heroes and their families.  Every year, the nation expresses its support and gratitude for all the work the Royal British Legion carries out through its famous Poppy Appeal.  Wearing your poppy with pride is a great way of showing support whilst giving a little towards this fantastic cause.  But did you know there is another way to show your support and appreciation to our service men and women?

By making a foreign coin donation to the British Legion, you could be helping Armed Forces families, veterans or those currency in active service. And the good news is that we can handle everything for you. Whether you have lots of Euros tucked away, you have old British currency that is no longer legal tender or you have lots of low denomination bank notes, we can help you to make a donation to the Royal British Legion.  At Cash4Coins we help a range of different charities every year and we would be delighted to help you to make a difference to thousands of men and women around the world through the Royal British Legion.

Your Foreign Coin Donation Could Help So Many Armed Forces Families

 The Poppy Appeal this year is focused especially on Armed Forces families whether they are the families of active service personnel or retired personnel.  By donating your foreign coins and wearing your poppy with pride, you could be helping to support mothers, children, fathers and also those who have lost members of their family in active service. 

It’s so easy to donate to this worthwhile cause.  You don’t even need to count or sort your coins as we do the hard work for you.  Simply fill in our currency donation form and enter the Royal British Legion as your preferred charity.  Then just include this form in with your coins and we’ll make sure they receive your generous donation.  Why not club together with friends and family to make your foreign coin donation go even further?  It’s amazing how many foreign coins can be hiding around the home and how much they can be worth.

Why A Foreign Coin Donation Can Make Such A Difference

Every year, Cash4Coins donates thousands to charities across the UK and around the world thanks to the generosity of our fabulous customers. We can also help charities directly and can set up a dedicated charity page that will ensure donations always get to the right place.  Arranging a foreign coin donation is so simple and we would be delighted to help you with the process.  We even have a dedicated fundraising team on hand to help you.

Remembrance Day is one day that we remember every year, but you can donate to the Royal British Legion all year round thanks to the Cash4Coins service. We are reliable, quick and have expert knowledge of the currency exchange system. We can also give you professional advice on how you make the most of your leftover currency.


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