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Great Fundraising Ideas for Museums

Great fundraising ideas for museums & attractions

Here at Cash 4 coins we get a lot of enquiries from museums like you looking to raise much needed funds. If you are looking for great fundraising ideas for museums then exchanging your foreign coins is ideal as you usually have the most international traffic travelling through your doors carrying loose and unwanted change. It also works out as a great solution as to what to do with all the already accumulated foreign currency that most museums seem to find themselves collecting.

If you’re searching for some great fundraising ideas museums, we at Cash 4 Coins are happy to help and assist you with suggestions and ideas to ensure a smooth and successful collection and help you to raise the funds you are looking for. Once your collection is complete you can leave the rest to us. Exchanging foreign currency is also a great ongoing fundraiser as most museums experience a continuous flow of new customers – especially overseas visitors.

We specialise in exchange any type of foreign currency so whether you have old Turkish Lira or a jar full of euro coins that you have collected, we can help.  You are never obligated to take the offer we give you and if you are not happy with our valuation, we will simply send back your coins and notes to you.  Most of the charities that we deal with are very happy with our valuation and often tell us how surprised they are that their collection of foreign currency came to so much.

You really do have nothing to lose!

Our service here at Cash 4 coins is fast, secure and stress free, we will collect any currency that weighs over 5kg completely free of charge and make you an offer to buy your coins. If you’re not happy with our offer we will also return it free of charge, so there really is nothing to lose! What’s more we make very prompt payment once you have accepted our offer. (With funds in your bank usually in under 1 hour). These are just a few reasons why we are the trusted partner for many museus (both large and small) across the UK.

Get thinking of more great fundraising ideas – we can help!

So if your looking for great fundraising ideas for museums, contact us at Cash 4 Coins for further information or take a look at our ‘How to send us coins‘ page. Why not introduce a new foreign coins collection area at the entrance of your museum. Decorate it with all the flags of the world so that it stands out and is obvious. You’ll be amazed how many overseas visitors drop a handful of change or even a note or two into the box.  It’s such a great way to make extra money for your museum and we are here to help.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of museum fundraising using our foreign coin exchange service then you can speak directly to our UK fundraising team who offer free help and advice. Contact us today.

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