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Holiday Money Travel Advice

Holiday Money Travel Advice

For most of us a holiday in the sun is the highlight of the year. The annual holiday should be fun and relaxing however for many people travelling abroad it can turn sour. This is usually in relation to having a credit card stolen or being defrauded.

To help you stay safe and have a fantastic holiday here’s our ‘Holiday Money Travel Advice’ to help keep you safe and secure.

Credit Card Security

As with the UK there has been a significant rise in the last few years of identity theft and credit card fraud in popular holiday destinations. Some criminals will target holiday-makers as they are a softer target when in a foreign country.

Always be careful where you use your credit cards, if it does not feel right then it may be good to follow your ‘gut’ instinct. Always get a receipt and make sure that you keep them in case you need to prove a transaction in the future. If possible and if it’s safe to do so you may want to keep track of your spend online.

If you see any transactions on your statement that you don’t recognise then make sure that you question them. Criminals often start with a small transaction to test the card works before going on to larger transactions.

When paying by card try to make sure that the transaction is carried out in front to you. This is to stop someone walking away with your card and copying the details.

Keep handy the contact telephone numbers for your card providers lost or stolen departments. And keep them separate from your cards. If you do find your card stolen then don’t panic as pretty much all credit card companies will refund any money that’s been stolen.

Hide your foreign coins and notes

You would not go flashing the cash when in the UK so think the same way when travelling in a foreign country. Try to take only what you need in cash with you and leave the rest in a safe.

Try to keep your cash in a couple of locations when you’re out so if it does get stolen from you you’ll have some spare.

One of the biggest crimes is by pick-pockets, especially in busy tourist areas. With this in mind keep cash and cards separated to make sure that if they are stolen you’ll still have some left.

If you are going to carry any foreign banknotes then try to use a money-belt that keeps the currency hidden.

If you follow this basic commonsense safety advice then it will help reduce any potential problems for you. When you come back from your holidays you’re also likely to have a few foreign coins leftover that you could not spend. As banks in the UK (as well as bureau de change and the Post Office) won’t change foreign coins back into cash you could be stuck with them until you next go on holiday (and that’s if you remember to take them!).

However we offer a foreign coin exchange service where you can change leftover foreign coins back into cash. Contact us for more info.


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