Sell Leftover Foreign Coins for CASH

Sell Foreign Coins

Why not sell foreign coins to us today – it’s fast and simple!

Don’t let your unwanted foreign coins go to waste, instead why not sell foreign coins to us here at cash4coins. We will buy your discarded foreign currency and convert it into Sterling for you. Banks in the UK won’t exchange foreign coins which leaves thousands of people stuck with money from holidays that they can’t convert back to Sterling.

The process is fast, simple and secure. Here’s how:

  1. Send us your foreign coins (to see how to do this go to ‘How to send us coins‘)
  2. We process, sort and count your coins and make you an offer to buy them.
  3. If you accept the offer we pay you via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque! It’s that simple!

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins at our expense.

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.  We have a number of drop off points conveniently situated too to make it easier than ever for you to sell foreign coins to us.

Our service is second to none and this is why we have hundreds of satisfied customers – just check out our customer comments page to see what people are saying about us.  We have helped individuals with leftover holiday money, charities, hospitals, schools and museums to make use of the coins that nobody wants or can use any more.

We accept all coins and currency, from the Euro to the Yen, the Dollar to the Peseta and everything in between – we’ll even change your old British and Irish Currency AND even pre-decimal coins.  Our team of coin experts can quickly sort and count your coins for you and send you a competitive valuation.  You do not have to accept this valuation, but if you do, you could have your money in your bank account or PayPal account very quickly.  And if you don’t like the price we give you, we will simply send back your coins free of charge.  So you see, you really have nothing to lose!

Instead of being stuck with foreign currency sell foreign coins to us. You may want to organise a collection of coins for charity or for a local good cause, whatever you do sell foreign coins to us for the best possible rates and super-fast payment. We buy foreign coins on behalf of UK business and charities, so don’t delay – sell foreign coins to us and reap the rewards right now.

If you’d like any help or ideas for fundraising then please don’t hesitate to contact our team for FREE advice.  We can help you with fundraising ideas and tell you how our service works.  We offer convenient and quick service and will get your coin valuation to you as quickly as we can.  Why not speak to our team now?  We would be delighted to help you turn that worthless currency into money you can use!

Send your coins to us now

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  1. M Hart says:

    Do you accept coins that are no longer legal tender since the euro e.g. Pasetas,Escudo,Cypriot Pound etc

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